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The Myth of the Republican Super Majority

The Myth of the Republican Super Majority

By the numbers, the NDGOP can claim a super-majority in both chambers of the Legislature (as well as within the state government elected offices). The House claims 71 of 94 seats as Republican-controlled, with 33 of 47 in the Senate. They never hesitate to bring up the fact a super majority exists, and it does

Legislative Vote Ranking: By The Issues

When Rob and I embarked on this little project (which, like any “little project”, had a bit more work involved than expected) to track legislative voting trends in the House and Senate, we quite honestly saw it as a way to pique our own curiosities as to what direction the session was headed. We did

Guest Post: The Left Is Changing Their Position On Abortion

Just weeks ago we marked 40 years since the Roe v Wade decision. Most people will tell you that they know where they stand on the issues of life and abortion, but what struck me during the debate over the Heartbeat Bill is how few people know what the Roe opinion even says. There is