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Not A Waste Of Time: North Dakota Pro-Life Law May Prompt Supreme Court To Review Abortion Precedents

Not A Waste Of Time: North Dakota Pro-Life Law May Prompt Supreme Court To Review Abortion Precedents

Earlier this week the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down North Dakota’s pro-life “heartbeat bill” which would ban abortions after a baby’s heartbeat is detected in the womb. Those who are pro-abortion were quick to declare victory, deriding the passage of the law as a waste of time and money, but there are elements in

On Television: Gay Marriage, Polygamy, And The Confederate Flag

I was happy to be a part of Chris Berg’s weekly roundtable discussion on 6:30 Point of View this evening and, much as we have all week, we’ve discussed gay marriage and the confederate flag issue. The other panelists were Scott Hennen and former state lawmaker Bette Grande. Our most heated discussion, without a doubt,

Bette Grande: On Revenues, North Dakota Has More Questions Than Answers

The ND Legislature released a revised revenue forecast last week.  Expected revenues continue to be strong but the days of increasing money appear to be over, for now.  Forecasting revenue 2½ years into the future is always a challenge, but in our current environment we simply do not know how current oil prices will affect

Bette Grande: Uber Is Not The Problem

Earlier this month the Fargo Forum reported that the Fargo City Commission was considering a re-write of local taxi regulations which would have had a negative impact on Uber and other ‘ride-hailing’ companies.  The City Commission wisely tabled the draft regulations and directed staff to write separate rules for ride-hailing companies. When traveling I use

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Bette Grande: North Dakota Teacher Pension's Unfunded Liability Is Worse Than You Think

Rob posted last week about a piece in The Forum that addressed the Teachers’ Fund for Retirement (“TFFR”).  He was absolutely correct that there should not be a bailout of TFFR without serious reform of the program.  The future of our public pension plans is an important debate and I spent much of my legislative

Is It About More Women In Politics, Or More Liberal Women In Politics?

The North Dakota Women’s Network is an organization which claims to want more women in politics for no other reason than they believe there aren’t enough women serving in public office. They’re celebrating the fact that there’s more women serving in the legislature this year than any other time is history. Which is a victory,