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What Version Of Reality Does The Fargo Forum Editorial Board Live In?

What Version Of Reality Does The Fargo Forum Editorial Board Live In?

North Dakota’s 2015 legislative session begins today, kicked off with the State of the State address from Governor Jack Dalrymple. After that most, of the week will be taken up by other ceremonial addresses to lawmakers from the judiciary, tribal leaders, etc., etc. The first committee hearings will begin on Friday, I believe, and in

Kevin Cramer Will Seek NDGOP's Endorsement In April

In 2012 Kevin Cramer was just one of a large field of Republican House candidates – including state Rep. Bette Grande, state Rep. Kim Koppelman, Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk and former Commerce Department Director Shane Goettle – seeking to replace incumbent Rick Berg who was running a campaign for the US Senate. Every candidate

House Backtracks On Prohibiting Committee Video, But Removes Funding For The Project

In was one step forward and two steps back in the House today on the issue of transparency. Last week the House approved a version of the legislature’s budget which specifically prohibited the creation of an online video streaming/archiving system for legislative committee hearings. The state has – brand new to this session – an

Legislative Committee Says Yes To Funding Planned Parenthood

The one pro-life bill yet to reach Governor Jack Dalrymple’s desk is SB2368, which is related to fetal pain. That bill was amended by Rep. Bette Grande to prohibit any state agency from partnering with a group that promotes abortions. The amendment was aimed at North Dakota State University which, thumbing its nose at the