Group Targets Senator John Hoeven With Ad Blitz Over Illegal Immigration

john hoeven

NumbersUSA, a group opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants, has announced that they’re targeting North Dakota Senator John Hoeven for his efforts to get immigration reform passed:

BISMARK, N.D., June 26, 2013 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — NumbersUSA Action has launched an online ad blitz across the state of North Dakota asking what Senator John Hoeven is getting in exchange for selling out on amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens. The ads launched today and will continue until the Senate votes on the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill S. 744 at the end of this week.

“Why in the world would Senator Hoeven be willing to give work permits to millions of illegal aliens, making it easier for them to take jobs, when many North Dakotans still can’t find jobs?” asked Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA Action. “Is that really his idea of immigration reform or has he traded something behind the scenes with special interests? The people of North Dakota deserve to know before he votes.”

The bill Senator Hoeven supports will reward illegal aliens with amnesty work permits and legalization immediately and then promises more enforcement later, if the administration doesn’t decide to waive the enforcement. That’s the same promise made in the 1986 amnesty that has never been honored. In all, the legislation offers 33 million new, lifetime work permits to foreign citizens over the next decade, triple the level of the last decade. Approximately 11 million of the new work permits will go to illegal aliens and 22 million will go to new foreign job seekers. The proposal to bring in millions more foreign workers and reward illegal aliens with work permits comes at a time when 20 million Americans still can’t find full time jobs, including here in North Dakota.

For what it’s worth, a poll conducted in North Dakota earlier this month showed strong majority support for immigration reform including 68% support for the so-called Gang of 8 plan.

That poll seems to jibe with reality. I don’t get the sense that Senator Hoeven is facing any real heat from his constituents over his high-profile support of the immigration bill and the Hoeven/Corker amendment to it.