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North Dakota Lost 27,000 Taxpayers in 2016 and That’s a Really Big Deal

North Dakota Lost 27,000 Taxpayers in 2016 and That’s a Really Big Deal

According to a report from the Associated Press, in 2016 the State of North Dakota lost some 27,000 taxpayers as reported gross income fell 7.6 percent. That’s per figures from the Office of the Tax Commissioner. Low commodity prices get the blame for North Dakota’s budget woes of late, and to be sure those prices

Monte Horst, recruiter for MBI Energy Services, talks to job-seekers Wednesday, March 11, 2015, at a job fair in Williston, N.D. Amy Dalrymple/Forum News Service

North Dakota's Post Oil Boom Jobless Claims Seem To Have Peaked

As North Dakota’s oil boom has faded the state has seen a big spike in the number of unemployment filings, as you might expect. Unemployment filings have been the metric to watch for the state’s economy. Because so many of the workers losing their jobs are also leaving the state they haven’t had much impact

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North Dakota Still Has More Job Openings Than Unemployed People

According to the November job openings report from North Dakota Job Service (see below), the number of job openings listed in the state is down over 21 percent compared to November last year. “Online job openings totaled 15,901 open and available positions in November 2015,” the report states. “Openings were lower by 4.7 percent (-783)


How North Dakota's Unemployment Benefits Doubled Even As The Unemployment Rate Stayed The Same

Earlier today I wrote about a Bureau of Economic Analysis report showing that the amount of unemployment benefits paid out in North Dakota had more than doubled in the last quarter. Yet, even as that’s happening, the state hasn’t seen a spike in the unemployment rate. In fact, according to the September jobs report from

“A good education and skills for the workforce are not synonymous"

Over at Watchdog today I have an article up about a study linking fracking to high school dropout rates (my previous post here). Two experts I spoke to told me the correlation between fracking and dropout rates wasn’t a good one. “I don’t think it’s just a boom in energy. A manufacturing boom would have