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CBO: Obamacare Will Eliminate 2.3 Million Jobs By 2021

CBO: Obamacare Will Eliminate 2.3 Million Jobs By 2021

The CBO has updated its projections for Obamacare’s impact on the economy, and it’s not pretty. By 2021 the CBO is projecting that Obamacare will have cost America the equivalent of 2.3 million jobs. That’s up from the CBO’s previous estimate of about 800,000. Just to put that number into perspective, 2.3 million jobs lost

Extending Expanded Unemployment Benefits Is Bad For The Economy Says…Paul Krugman?

On his New York Times blog, Paul Krugman takes a shot at “right wing” thinking on extending expanded unemployment benefits, describing the position as “anti-scientific.” There’s a sort of standard view on this issue, based on more or less Keynesian models. According to this view, enhanced UI actually creates jobs when the economy is depressed.

Chart Of The Day: Without Labor Force Shrinkage, Unemployment Rate Wouldn't Be Improving

By now most political observers (if not necessarily American voters in general) are well aware of the problems with the U-3 unemployment rate number. It only measures the number of people who are unemployed who meet the government’s definition of active job seekers. The U-6 unemployment, per the BLS, presents a much more accurate picture:

The Economy Stinks, And Young Workers Are Hit The Hardest

Job growth hit its lowest rate since 2011. The unemployment rate dipped slightly to 6.7%, but only after 342,000 people gave up looking for jobs and left the workforce, driving the labor force participation rate, which measures people actively looking for work, down to  62.8%. That’s a forty year low. “If the participation rate had stayed steady the

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Hoeven Jumps On Board With Temporary Extension Of Expanded Unemployment Benefits

Yesterday Senator John Hoeven voted against beginning debate on an renewal of expanded unemployment benefits. But today Senator Hoeven is part of a coalition of Senate Republicans who want a three-month extension of the expanded benefits in exchange for restoring funding for military veterans. A group of Republican senators plans to offer a way to

The Rich Are Getting Richer, And The Poor Are Getting Richer Too

Professor Mark Perry posted yesterday two graphs that are stunning in their implications, especially as President Obama and Democrats attempt to execute an election-year pivot way from their Obamacare disaster to income inequality. The folks on the left are fond of telling us that the poor are getting poorer, but is that true? As Perry

Senator Rubio: America Can Make Immigrants Conservative

At the heart of opposition to immigration reform is fear, I think. Fear that an influx of new immigrants will upset the political balance. Steal jobs. Undermine our culture. Specifically, conservatives see granting amnesty to illegal immigrants as minting whole new generations of Democrat voters. Senator Marco Rubio addressed those concerns today in an impassioned

Rep. Kevin Cramer: "I will not sit idly by and watch this President steal the jobs, hopes, and dreams of my constituents."

“I will not sit idly by and watch this President steal the jobs, hopes, and dreams of my constituents,” Rep. Kevin Cramer said today on the floor of the House of what he described as President Obama’s war on coal. “Nor will I sit idly by while he and his EPA impose their mediocrity on

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Group Targets Senator John Hoeven With Ad Blitz Over Illegal Immigration

NumbersUSA, a group opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants, has announced that they’re targeting North Dakota Senator John Hoeven for his efforts to get immigration reform passed: BISMARK, N.D., June 26, 2013 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — NumbersUSA Action has launched an online ad blitz across the state of North Dakota asking what Senator John Hoeven is