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Hoeven Has A Hard Time Defending Immigration Amendment

Hoeven Has A Hard Time Defending Immigration Amendment

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven was on the Hugh Hewitt yesterday talking about his controversial amendment to the immigration bill. Hewitt had some tough questions for Hoeven about the amendment, and Hoeven didn’t have a lot of good answers. You can read the full transcript here. This was an interesting exchange: HOEVEN: I’d have to

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Group Targets Senator John Hoeven With Ad Blitz Over Illegal Immigration

NumbersUSA, a group opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants, has announced that they’re targeting North Dakota Senator John Hoeven for his efforts to get immigration reform passed: BISMARK, N.D., June 26, 2013 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — NumbersUSA Action has launched an online ad blitz across the state of North Dakota asking what Senator John Hoeven is

Hoeven Immigration Plan Myth Vs. Fact

I haven’t been paying nearly as much attention as I should to the national debate over immigration reform which North Dakota’s Senator John Hoeven has been a major part of. I’m of two minds on immigration reform. On one hand, much like the “war on drugs,” I think the “war on illegal immigration” is something