Video: Democrat Legislator Compares ND To North Korea, Iran For Opposing United Nations Gun Treaty


The North Dakota House today brought to the floor SCR4018, which expresses the sense of the North Dakota legislature that our federal government ought to oppose a new United Nations gun treaty out of fear that it would infringe upon the 2nd amendment rights of Americans.

After the resolution’s introduction on the House floor, Democrat Minority Leader Kenton Onstad stood to ask the bill carrier a question about which other countries opposed the treaty. Rep. Jason Doctker, apparently having a bit of fun feeding Rep. Onstad some rope, noted that North Korea, Iran and Syria had opposed the treaty.

“By adopting this legislation we’re going to join those three countries in opposing this treaty,” Rep. Onstad said triumphantly after Rep. Dockter gave him his answer. “If we want to join forces with Iran, Syria and North Korea…I think it’s better to defeat this legislation,” he said.

After Rep. Onstad sat down, Rep. Roscoe Streyle stood up to note that the treaty also faces bi-partisan opposition in the United States Senate.

It was interesting that Rep. Onstad stood up in opposition to this resolution, which really doesn’t do anything other than express opposition of the State of North Dakota to the treaty. It was Rep. Onstad, after all, who rushed to the House floor to withdraw two bills banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines introduced by a member of his caucus the day before (video of that here).

This resolution passed on a largely party-line 68 to 25 vote, and it’s interesting that North Dakota Democrats are willing to be anti-gun on mere resolutions but not anti-gun on actual gun control legislation for the state.

They lack the courage of their convictions, it seems.