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Democrats Offer “Responsible Alternative” to Special Session Bill They Haven’t Even Seen Yet

Democrats Offer “Responsible Alternative” to Special Session Bill They Haven’t Even Seen Yet

The Democrats have announced that they will be announcing a “reasonable alternative” to the Republican plan for the special session Governor Jack Dalrymple called next month. That would be a “reasonable alternative” to something the Republicans haven’t even made public yet. If you needed evidence that North Dakota’s thoroughly-marginalized and mostly irrelevant Democrats are interested

North Dakota Democrats Spread Wildly Inaccurate Information About Oil Tax Collections

Yesterday Governor Jack Dalrymple announced that he would be calling state lawmakers back to Bismarck for a special session to run from August 2-4. This move has prompted a lot of criticism of Republican handling of budget issues, some of it fair and some of it not so fair. One consistent talking point I’ve heard

North Dakota Democrats Think You’re Not Paying Enough in Taxes

The drift of North Dakota’s Democrats into political irrelevance often gets blamed on how far left their national party has gone. It’s hard to win elections in North Dakota when your fellow Democrats nationally are advancing (as one example) a federal regulatory regime which would be devastating for North Dakota’s primary industries. But there is

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Be Thankful North Dakota Democrats Didn't Get Their Way On Oil Tax Reform

We’re past Thanksgiving, but here’s something you can be thankful for anyway: That Democrats didn’t get their way when they emptied their rhetorical silos in furious opposition to oil tax reforms earlier this year. The Republican majority in the state Legislature pushed through reforms to the state’s oil taxes in the 2015 session which ended

North Dakota Democrats Still Wrong About The Oil Tax Trigger

During the Legislative session earlier this year lawmakers were concerned, in a big way, about falling oil prices and the impact that would have on tax revenues. Ours is a state that budgets on revenue projections, and falling oil prices wouldn’t just hit direct taxes on oil activity. Less oil activity means less hiring and

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Get Your Tin Foil Hats: Democrats Accuse Republicans Of Controlling Oil Prices

Now that the much-dreaded “big trigger” oil tax exemption didn’t kick in thanks to a modest recovery in oil prices Democrats have decided to make political hay over bipartisan oil tax reform to eliminate that trigger in exchange for lower overall rates. Today the Democrats’ legislative leadership – House Minority Leader Kenton Onstad and Senate

North Dakota Democrats Thought "Doomsday" Oil Tax Reform Was A Good Idea In 2011

Democrats emptied their rhetorical silos today on a proposal from Republicans to eliminate a looming oil tax trigger replacing it with a lower overall tax rate. They didn’t skimp on the hyperbole either, using words like “doomsday” and “nightmare.” But what if I told you that a 2011 bill sponsored entirely by Democrats, including House Minority

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What North Dakota Democrats Aren't Telling You About Oil Tax Revenues

During the 2013 legislative session, when lawmakers were debating a proposal to eliminate triggers and exemptions in the state oil tax and replace them with a lower overall rate, Democrats rushed to the media with scary numbers about lost revenues. But it turned out the numbers they were using were cooked. No doubt hoping that

Fix The Damn Oil Tax Already

On the 70th day of the state’s 80 legislative session Republican leaders in the House and Senate have proposed a major reform to oil tax policy. Already it is being met anger from partisan Democrats hoping to inflame the public’s hatred for “big oil,” but it’s time to cut through that nonsense. It’s time to