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Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Obama’s Iran Deal Partly to Blame for Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Obama’s Iran Deal Partly to Blame for Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities

On this episode of Plain Talk, Senator Kevin Cramer and I discussed the recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities. Iranian equipment was used in the attacks, but the country is denying involvement. Cramer, who said he’s “read the classified CIA brief on the evidence,” said it’s his “sense” Iran was behind the attacks. “Any deniability

Saudi Attacks Should Make Us Thankful the Environmental Zealots Have Been (Mostly) Losing Their War on American Oil Development

Over the weekend the American news media was obsessed with another salacious (though ultimately not nearly so salacious as initially reported) story about the Trump administration. Largely overlooked in that furor were coordinated drone attacks on roughly half of Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production facilities. Though the Saudi national oil company, Aramco, acted quickly to

Plain Talk: Rep. Armstrong Says He’d “Have a Difficult Time” Supporting a Ban on Flag Burning, Slave Reparations Are a “Non-Starter”

On this episode of Plain Talk, Congressman Kelly Armstrong says he hasn’t yet read the anti-flag burning constitutional amendment co-sponsored by Senator Kevin Cramer, but said he “would have a difficult time” supporting any ban on flag desecration. “At a personal level I think burning an American flag is abhorrent,” Armstrong said, but he also

Iran’s Supreme Leader Sides With #NoDAPL Protesters

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe just got an ally in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline that they may not necessarily want. Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Iran, has posted a message on his official website declaring solidarity with the #NoDAPL protesters. The Iranian government also included the above bit of image

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Hoeven: Iran Deal Heidi Heitkamp Voted For Is Hurting North Dakota

Here’s something North Dakota Republicans need to do more of: Talk about how Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s votes in Congress have hurt North Dakota. Senator John Hoeven kinda, sorta did that this last weekend when he delivered the GOP’s weekly address (watch it above). In it he pointed out that the Iran deal is hurting America’s

Obama Puts Heidi Heitkamp Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Boy did President Obama hang Senator Heidi Heitkamp out to dry today. Earlier former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer said he was surprised Heitkamp demurred from a 2016 run for governor, an office she clearly covets. But maybe that surprise isn’t warranted given the political position Heitkamp finds herself in. As I  noted earlier today Heitkamp’s vote

Forget The Iran Vote, Can Heidi Heitkamp Explain Her Filibuster Hypocrisy?

Since casting a vote to defend President Barack Obama’s controversial deal with Iran Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been acknowledging the political ramifications. “It’s going to impact any campaign,” Heitkamp admitted to Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith. “We’ve got to be able to defend those decisions.” But Heitkamp’s vote to support the Iran deal isn’t the

If Only North Dakota Could Get A Deal Like Iran's

Yesterday, in a procedure that turns on its head the assignment of powers in the Constitution, Senate Democrats blocked a vote on disapproving President Barack Obama’s controversial deal with Iran. Per the Constitution the Senate is supposed to ratify such treaties (Article II, Section 2 states that the president can make treaties “provided two thirds