"There's No Such Thing As Ethical Oil" Says Man Who Sold Television Network To Oil Barons


Al Gore doesn’t think there’s any such thing as “ethical oil.” Which kind of makes me wonder what he uses in his private airplane when he travels around to warn us all about the impending global warming apocalypse.

Is it unicorn farts?

“There’s no such thing as ethical oil. There’s only dirty oil and dirtier oil,” Gore told Canada’s The Globe and Mail during a Tuesday event in Toronto.

Gore was responding to Globe and Mail Editor in Chief John Stackhouse on whether it made a difference that oil sands from the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would come from a democratic nation. …

On that note, Gore said thought the United States needed to change its ways to reduce the demand for Canada’s oil sands, according to The Globe and Mail.

Still, Gore put some of the blame on Canada.

“I had hoped that Canada would point the way toward a better path, but as yet, it has not,” he said.

Of course, this is the same guy who sold the television network he founded to middle eastern oil barons.

Maybe oil is unethical only when it’s not putting money in Al Gore’s pockets.