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Minot City Council Members Say Weather Channel Show Crossed Ethical Lines: “I Am Totally Disgusted”

“I was wholly disappointed,” Shaun Sipma, a member of Minot’s City Council, told me during a radio interview today referring to an episode of The Weather Channel’s “Vanishing America” show which focused on Minot’s 2011 flood. The episode aired on the channel last night. “I was expecting something completely different,” Miranda Schuler, also a member

Who Are The Flat Earthers Now?

In 1956 geologist M. King Hubbert predicted that American oil production would peak in 1970 and begin to decline. In 1969, when it became clear that his previous prediction would prove inaccurate, Hubbert named 2000 as the new peak year for oil production. Hubbert, you may be just realizing, was the creator of the now-famous theory

James Kerian: The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax Is Over

A lot of people thought that the scandal at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in 2009 would end the political/academic fundraising schemes that center around the theory that anthropogenic global warming will cause imminent disaster.  It didn’t turn out that way.  AGW was such a perfect narrative for motivating left-wing activists/donors that no

Matt Evans: If The EPA Cares About Me So Much, It Can Send A Card

I am responding to Mr. Olsrud’s article from Wednesday, titled “when did the EPA become the bad guys”. Go read the piece, if you haven’t.  I’ll wait. I was really disappointed when I read this.  Given the stature and experience of the author, I was hoping for something better and more convincing. The first difficulty

FEMA Will Begin Denying Funding To States With "Climate Denier" Governors

The federal government likes to use federal funding as a way to lure or, once hooked, bludgeon states into going along with federal policies. Now it seems the feds will be tying federal funds to matters of ideology and political opinion. Dispute the “climate change” consensus? Believe the threat of global warming is so much

Is Dirty North Dakota Snow Causing Climate Change?

According to a group of researchers, North Dakota’s snow is dirty (mostly from blown dirt and dust), and that the dirty snow is contributing to climate change: ‘The (darker) snowpack absorbs more sunlight, contributing to the warming of the snowpack, warming of the surface air and earlier melt of the snowpack,’ she said from her