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Study: Those Concerned About Global Warming Use More Electricity

Study: Those Concerned About Global Warming Use More Electricity

A government study in the UK found a correlation between people who have a greater degree of concern over global warming and elevated levels of electricity use: People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not, a Government study has found. Those who say they are concerned about

"There's No Such Thing As Ethical Oil" Says Man Who Sold Television Network To Oil Barons

Al Gore doesn’t think there’s any such thing as “ethical oil.” Which kind of makes me wonder what he uses in his private airplane when he travels around to warn us all about the impending global warming apocalypse. Is it unicorn farts? “There’s no such thing as ethical oil. There’s only dirty oil and dirtier

Despite Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Global Temperatures Flat Over Last 15 Years

Inconvenient truth for the global warming alarmists: Over the past 15 years air temperatures at the Earth’s surface have been flat while greenhouse-gas emissions have continued to soar. The world added roughly 100 billion tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere between 2000 and 2010. That is about a quarter of all the CO₂ put there

Irony: Gore Walks Away With $100 Million In Dirty Oil Money As Al Jazeera Buys Current TV

Al Jazeera is buying Current TV, the cable news channel founded by Al Gore. Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab news giant, has long tried to convince Americans that it is a legitimate news organization, not a parrot of Middle Eastern propaganda or something more sinister. It just bought itself 40 million more chances to make its