Student Lobbyist Pumping Legislators For Criticism Of Shirvani In Advance Of Board Meeting


Student lobbyist Robert Vallie (yes, the college kids have their own lobbyist) has sent out an email by way of former legislator Jim Roers (President and CEO of Roers Construction in Fargo) asking legislators for input into embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s self-evaluation (read it here).

Vallie doesn’t specifically ask for criticism, but given that he was a part of the push for the “no confidence” votes in Shirvani from the state’s student groups it’s not hard to read between the lines. The request is especially odd in that the State Board of Higher Education has on their agenda for tomorrow’s meeting Shirvani presenting his evaluation.

This email was sent to Fargo-area legislators, but those representing other parts of the state tell me they’ve been getting calls from other legislators known to be hostile to Shirvani seeking comments.

Which all adds up to a likely move against Shirvani at tomorrow’s board meeting.

I’m told the board is currently split on question of Shirvani’s resignation. It’s anyone’s guess as to what the outcome of this showdown will be.

The legislature did not approve an appropriation to buy out Shirvani’s contract, so if they do fire him the university system will have to find the nearly $900,000 required to buy him out in their own budget.

Which shouldn’t be hard given the way the legislature lavished money on the universities this session.

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