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Do We Measure the Success of a University President in Terms of Buildings Built?

Do We Measure the Success of a University President in Terms of Buildings Built?

Bismarck State College President Larry Skogen has announced that he’ll be retiring next year, which means the State Board of Higher Education will soon be paying consultants a silly amount of money to provide them with a slate of replacement candidates who will, in all likelihood, be mostly from other parts of the country. Because

The Hiring Process for Mark Kennedy Cost North Dakotans Nearly $50,000 for Each Year He Actually Worked

In recent years, when it’s come time to hire for a high-profile position in North Dakota’s state government, our public servants have increasingly turned to expensive private consultants. These firms conduct national searches and return to the decision makers a list of candidates. This is an expensive process, and it’s success are inconsistent at best.

Former North Dakota University System Chancellor Accused of Sexual Harrassment

Hamid Shirvani had a tumultuous eleven-month tenure as the chancellor of the North Dakota University System which ended when the State Board of Higher Education opted to buy out his contract for north of $900,000. He’s now the President of Briar Cliff University, a Catholic institution in Sioux City, Iowa, and he’s been accused of

Dalrymple Veto Protects Golden Parachutes For University System

After former North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani was sent packing after a group of university presidents all but declared war on him he was given a cushy golden parachute package to go away. In fact, Shirvani is still on the state’s payroll until June 30 2015. He was first relieved of his duty in

NDUS Chancellor Candidate Once Touted A Doctorate From A Diploma Mill

The North Dakota University System has a serious credibility problem. In addition to breaking open records and open meeting laws no fewer than 18 times since 2010, their relationship with lawmakers has detriorated to the point where many of those lawmakers simply don’t believe what university officials have to say. That’s why lawmakers feel the

UND Proposes Massive Tuition Hike

A couple of weeks ago the state Senate voted down HB1303 which would have given the Legislature control over setting tuition. The university system budget passed by the House, HB1003, contains similar language giving lawmakers control over tuition, but it seems unlikely that the Senate is going to keep that provision intact. But even as

Former NDUS Chancellor Robert Potts Has Applied To Be Chancellor Again

The North Dakota University System has had a bad track record with chancellors in recent years. Former Chancellor Hamid Shirvani was pushed out after ruffling the feathers of university presidents, as was Chancellor Robert Potts before him. Now, it seems Potts has applied for the chancellor position again according to a source in the Legislature

Rod St. Aubyn: Should Contracts For Public Officials Even Exist?

In the past few years news reports have brought to light activities that resulted in the resignation/termination of several public officials. As the stories evolved it was reported that based on contract terms or negotiated settlements these public officials were awarded some types of severance payments. Some recent examples – According to a Forum News

University System Will Only Evaluate Presidents If It's Kept A Secret

Last month I wrote a post about a proposal for legislation being pushed by North Dakota University System Chancellor Larry Skogen and the State Board of Higher Education which would exempt university president evaluations from open records requests. Today a couple of Forum Communications reporters picked up on the story, reporting from the organizational session

Chancellor To NDSU President Dean Bresciani: Quit Making It Easy For Critics

Yesterday we got news that former Bismarck State College President and current Chancellor of the North Dakota University System Larry Skogen had canceled performance reviews of the state’s university presidents which were requested by previous Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. Shirvani requested them as a part of a group of scathing evaluations he wrote for some of