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Surprise: Evaluations Of North Dakota University Presidents Canceled

Surprise: Evaluations Of North Dakota University Presidents Canceled

If there were any doubts that current North Dakota University System Chancellor Larry Skogen (himself the former President of Bismarck State College) is little more than a rubber stamp for the other university presidents, you can set them aside. Skogen’s predecessor, Hamid Shirvani, was asked by the State Board of Higher Education to produce evaluations of

Canned North Dakota Chancellor One Of The Highest Paid Higher Ed Administrators In America

It’s been almost a year since former North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani was pushed out of his job by a revolt of the university presidents, but you may be surprised to learn that Shirvani still managed to find himself one of the highest paid administrations in the higher education industry in the country.

The Slow Death Of Pathways To Student Success Continues

Embattled former North Dakota University System chancellor Hamid Shirvani was canned after personality conflicts with politically-powerful university presidents. But really, it wasn’t Shirvani’s personality or management style that was the problem. It was his policy. North Dakota’s bloated university system, which has no less than 11 public campuses serving a state that until just recently had

Shocker: College Athletes Aren't So Great At Academics

I’ve written recently of the need to get big-time sports out of college. The imbalance in the allocation of resources is one reason. Many institutions – including North Dakota’s two largest universities – prioritize athletics over academics when it comes to spending. At a time when the cost of college is soaring, and students are

Guest Post: The State Board Of Higher Education Should Apologize To Shirvani

When I read the Minot Daily News June 19th editorial “Shirvani Must Quit Right Now” and other newspaper editorials I find myself “laughing out loud” for the clear message it sends to any chancellor with a vision and an agenda different from the presidents. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised with the location of

NDSU President Accuses North Dakota University System Of Hacking His Email Account

NDSU President Dean Bresciani is facing allegations that he deleted over 45,000 emails the same day he received a records request for emails from the state legislature, a breech of public record laws that could be as serious as a felony. Yesterday, a spokeswoman told the Fargo Forum that those emails weren’t deleted by Bresciani

Angry University President Gets His Diaper Changed By Higher Ed Board

KXNet – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson Yesterday Minot State University President David Fuller, who was “so furious his voice was shaking” according to the Minot Daily News, demanded that outgoing Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s evaluation of him be expunged from his record. He also expressed outrage that his evaluation would appear on a blog before he had a chance

Dorso Column: Shirvani Leaving Means Little Will Change In Higher Ed

Since the wife and I were off to England and Normandy the higher education story has gotten even worse than I expected. The board fires Shirvani for doing what they asked of him because it upset some folks. Those folks being mainly the college presidents who didn’t like the direction Mr. Shirvani was taking things

University Presidents Claim Disclosure Of Evaluations On SAB Was Illegal

According to KX News, Minot State University president David Fuller is claiming the disclosure of his evaluation on this blog was illegal because he hadn’t had a chance to review it yet. And it appears he has a point. State law does require that state employees (it’s funny to hear a university president actually admit

After Criticizing University Presidents, Shirvani Placed On Administrative Leave Early

If North Dakota’s university presidents were on a mission to prove how thin-skinned and petulant they are, how unwilling they are to be governed by anyone, the hissy fit they’ve thrown after criticism by Chancellor Hamid Shirvani in their evaluations has accomplished that mission. Since the negative evaluations the presidents have seemingly ordered their underlings