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Video: SayAnythingBlog.com On Fox News

Video: SayAnythingBlog.com On Fox News

So this happened today while I was wrapping up guest hosting the Jay Thomas Show on WDAY AM970: I’ll try to find a longer clip (thanks to Daryn who sent the clip above to me), but apparently Greg Gutfeld and The Five were discussing fracking and North Dakota, and they even linked my recent post

Sorry For The Outage

As I’m sure many of you noticed, SAB had some weird stuff happening over the weekend and this morning was completely unworkable. I should have put up an announcement about it, but what was going on is that we were moving to new servers and there were a few gremlins along the way. I am

Don't Forget: SAB Open Thread Town Hall With Rep. Kevin Cramer Tomorrow

Earlier this month I announced that Rep. Kevin Cramer would be joining the SAB community for a first: An open thread town hall. It’s going down tomorrow at 6:00pm central time (yes, April Fool’s Day, that’s what the Congressman had available). It’ll work like a Reddit AMA, if you’re familiar with those. I’ll put up

Guest Hosting The Jay Thomas Show 2-5pm

Because he apparently doesn’t like to work on Fridays, I’m guest hosting the Jay Thomas Show today from 2-5pm on WDAY AM970 in Fargo from 2-5pm today. You can listen live at this link. Call in numbers are 701-293-9000 locally in Fargo and toll-free 888-970-9329. You can also send me tweets at @robport during the

Server Update In Progress

The rest of today we’ll be executing a server move for SAB. We need to add some more server hamsters. The blog is growing. It shouldn’t impact the blog working, but if you notice some wonkiness later, that’s probably what it is. What it does mean is that I can’t add any more posts today