Don't Forget: SAB Open Thread Town Hall With Rep. Kevin Cramer Tomorrow


Earlier this month I announced that Rep. Kevin Cramer would be joining the SAB community for a first: An open thread town hall.

It’s going down tomorrow at 6:00pm central time (yes, April Fool’s Day, that’s what the Congressman had available).

It’ll work like a Reddit AMA, if you’re familiar with those. I’ll put up an open thread about an hour before the Congressman joins. You readers can post your questions in the comments thread. At 6:00pm Rep. Cramer will begin responding to them. He’ll stick around for an hour.

This is a pretty special treat for SAB, a first to be sure, and something I’d like to do with more of our public figures in the future. As such, I’ll be moderating the thread pretty closely. Tough questions are, of course, welcome, but anyone who is name-calling, behaving in a crude manner or disrupting the thread making it difficult for others to engage with Rep. Cramer will have their comments deleted.

It’s not an easy ask to get a member of Congress to engage in a wide-open blog comment thread, so let’s try to treat this event with the respect it deserves so that we can have more of them in the future.