Slow Blogging Open Thread, Guest Hosting On WDAY Today


Blogging will be slow today for a couple of reasons.

First, the folks at WDAY needed a last minute fill-in for the Christopher Gabriel Program from 12-2pm today, and I’m it. So instead of writing stuff for SAB, I’ve been scrambling to get ready for the show.

You can listen live right here. Call-in numbers are 701-293-9000 or 888-970-9329. Or you can tweet at me during the show, @robport.

Second, we had some technical difficulties this morning (as many of you noticed), which means that the little bit of time I had for writing this morning was actually spent trying to figure out why the site was running so slow (turns out the storm that went through the state last night caused some problems for one of SAB’s servers).

Third, my wife is out of town which means I’ve been on munchkin duty all morning as well.

So anyway, here’s an open thread since I’m clearly just not going to get a lot done on the blog today.