As I’m sure many of you noticed, SAB had some weird stuff happening over the weekend and this morning was completely unworkable.

I should have put up an announcement about it, but what was going on is that we were moving to new servers and there were a few gremlins along the way.

I am pretty excited about the new hosting though. Throughout the blog’s life I’ve hosted it with national hosting companies on servers in other parts of the country. But starting today, SAB is hosted in North Dakota. That’s a big deal because a) I like doing business with North Dakota companies and b) most of SAB’s traffic comes from North Dakota, so the geographic proximity makes things a little more efficient.

The blog is now hosted on a server in Fargo. Soon we’ll add a second server in another North Dakota city to share traffic load. And, if one server goes down, the other server will take over.

This should mean very resilient (this morning aside) and very fast hosting (especially for North Dakota readers) going forward.

I know there’s nothing more boring than blogging about the technical aspects of hosting a blog, so suffice it to say that hopefully we can return now to regular programming without concern for future server drama.