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Rod St. Aubyn: Barack Obama Has Made America Less Safe

Rod St. Aubyn: Barack Obama Has Made America Less Safe

With the recently announced Iran Nuclear Accord, the Obama administration has not made America and the Middle East safer, but in reality less safe. I have never been more concerned with this administration than with this announcement. Instead of dealing with what is truly an “Evil Empire”, we have given the radical terrorists a real

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Rod St. Aubyn: Whatever Happened To…

Several events reminded me that there have been no recent updates on these issues. It made me wonder, “Whatever happened …?” Whatever happened with President Kelley’s sabbatical report? – On Sunday I read in the Grand Forks Herald about 4 UND professors that were denied tenure. Tenure is usually granted after 6 years of service

Rod St. Aubyn: Political Correctness Is The Acceptable Form Of Bullying

While celebrating our Independence Day festivities this weekend, I realized that even though we have many freedoms, some people try to use “political correctness” to squelch free speech. Political correctness has been running rampant in the past few months. What is most disturbing is that those that are most supportive of this political correctness are

Rod St. Aubyn: Politics And The Judiciary Are Not Separate Now

The writers of our Constitution and its amendments were generally very wise to ensure necessary checks and balances between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government. With the announcements of major Supreme Court decisions this past week raises some new questions about adequate checks and balances. First in the decision of King v

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Rod St. Aubyn: Will Governor Dalrymple Use Veto Power On PERS Budget Compromise?

UPDATE: Governor Jack Dalrymple did indeed sign this bill into law without using his veto power. The NDPERS appropriation bill (SB 2022) has been a hot potato for the legislature. As you will recall this is the bill that the conference committee could not resolve which resulted in the House deciding to adjourn Sine Die

Rod St. Aubyn: Rants About Robert Kelley, Aaron Knodel, And Miley Cyrus Naked With A Pig

I have noted several news stories in the past week that I wanted to write about, but none alone deserved a full story. So instead, I thought I would express my opinions in this week’s story that I have entitled “Rod’s Rant.” Feel free to disagree with my opinions. Obama and the upcoming Supreme Court

Rod St. Aubyn: Will Republicans Shoot Themselves In The Foot In 2016?

More Republican candidates for President announced in the past week or so and even more are planning their announcements in the coming week. While this may appear to be good news for Republicans, I fear that it may work to their detriment. Hillary Clinton dominates the Democrat candidates and also contributions for her campaign. Even

Rod St. Aubyn: America's Choice

The 2016 Presidential Election promises to be interesting. Americans are already being exposed to possible choices each with their own strengths and weaknesses. My personal hope is that Americans will use their intellect and brains rather than choosing a candidate with the best slogan or personal appeal. In my own opinion, in 2008 Americans selected