Rod St. Aubyn: Political Correctness Is The Acceptable Form Of Bullying


While celebrating our Independence Day festivities this weekend, I realized that even though we have many freedoms, some people try to use “political correctness” to squelch free speech. Political correctness has been running rampant in the past few months. What is most disturbing is that those that are most supportive of this political correctness are those that are initiating a form of bullying. And what is most ironic is that same crowd is usually the ones arguing that typical bullying must be stopped.

I want to illustrate my point with some recent examples. After the horrible killings in the church in South Carolina, there were many politicians calling for the banishment of the Confederate flag after the alleged killer was seen posing for pictures with the flag. NASCAR has been pressured to limit the flag at their race tracks. However that hasn’t stopped many from continuing to display the flag.

As one person stated in a recent news article, “I don’t think you’re supposed to cherish it, but don’t forget it.”

It is however a part of history whether we like it or not. The TV Land television network discontinued showing the Dukes of Hazzard because the car had the flag prominently painted on the car. Bubba Watson, the professional golfer who is the owner of that particular car, recently announced that he was going to paint over the flag. That is his right, but I hope it is being done because he wants to and not because he feels pressured to do so.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]I don’t hear these PC zealots asking to ban the ISIS flag or the Nazi symbol. I don’t like either of those symbols either, but are we supposed to erase a part of history?[/mks_pullquote]

I don’t hear these PC zealots asking to ban the ISIS flag or the Nazi symbol. I don’t like either of those symbols either, but are we supposed to erase a part of history?

When people have criticized some actions taken by President Obama, they are labeled racists. I would like those calling others racists to actually define what legitimate criticisms are and which criticisms are racist. Once again, “political correctness” has taken precedence over peoples’ rights to freely express themselves.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages, many objected to the ruling on religious grounds. Once again, those objecting to the ruling were chastised for being intolerant. Many of the chastised stated that they loved the sinner but hated the sin. But that was not enough. These individuals were publically bullied for being intolerant. Again I find it interesting that when it comes to the “religious right” who is the intolerant one?

Donald Trump, a recent Republican candidate for President made a statement recently about illegal immigrants. He stated that many of the illegal immigrants were criminals and rapists. He did not say all met that description. Needless to say, he was excoriated for his remarks. TV networks banned his businesses.

Even some fellow Republican candidates for President have criticized his remark. Now it was reported that an illegal immigrant, who allegedly has been previously deported 5 times, killed a young lady in San Francisco. I don’t necessarily agree with Mr. Trump in all issues, but I do find his frankness refreshing. He obviously is not being coached by political operatives to give PC responses. And his poll numbers have rocketed up.

George Takei, from Star Trek fame, has been criticized by people on the right because he called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface”. I don’t like his comments, but I respect his right to offer his opinions. Due to public pressure he has had to backtrack his statement.

It is my opinion that the public is generally fed up with the PC crowd and the bullying that is going on against those that oppose this political correctness. The PC advocates use names to bully those with a constitutional right to express their opinions. If one criticizes the President, you are a “racist.”

If you oppose gay marriage on religious grounds, you are a “homophobe.” And if you oppose illegal immigration or the Islamic extremists you are labeled as a “xenophobe.” What the PC advocates don’t understand is that our forefathers fought with their lives for the right for EVERYONE to have an opinion – even if it is one not shared by the PC crowd.

People have the right to make even asinine comments and make fools of themselves. We can thank these forefathers for these rights. Those rights also give me the right to tell the PC crowd to “get a life” and quit bullying those that have their own opinions. Rest assured that they don’t think that I should have that right though!