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Rod St. Aubyn: Is It Time To Regulate Drug Prices?

Rod St. Aubyn: Is It Time To Regulate Drug Prices?

I am generally opposed to price controls.  I am a firm believer that competition controls prices for goods and services.  But several recent situations brings me to reconsider my position.  My sister has been successfully battling breast cancer for a couple of years.  Her cancer, though incurable, can be controlled with the right treatment, assuming

Rod St. Aubyn: Long Session, Short Nerves

The unusual ending of the ND Legislature came as a shock to many, but the impasse that existed between the House and the Senate should have been totally understandable. The ending days of a legislative session are often frustrating and short tempers are common between members of contentious conference committee.  Legislators are tired and anxious

Rod St. Aubyn: Voters, Not Reporters, Will Weigh Legislative Performance

As we wind down to the end of the 2015 Legislative Session, I feel that unfortunately the media continues to paint a picture of the legislative session as one that has been dominated with issues like the “anti-discrimination bill”, Common Core, concealed carry, prayer of the day, or corporate farming. Nothing could be further from

Rod St. Aubyn: Appropriations, Fiscal Notes, And The End

As we come close to the end of the legislative session, legislators are busy working on conference committees trying to resolve the differences between house and senate versions of bills that have survived the session.In the meantime, the Appropriations Committees are busy trying to finalize the bills that have some fiscal impact to the state.

Rod St. Aubyn: Deck Seems Stacked Against The Public When It Comes To Transparency

ou may have noticed an article in Sunday’s Fargo Forum about North Dakota’s open records/open meetings laws. I am becoming more and more knowledgeable about the issue after two recent open records requests for a lobbying client of mine. As I dig more into it, I have become even more concerned about our current system.

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Rod St. Aubyn: There Is A Real Need For Legislative Studies

As the legislature begins to finalize bills with appropriations or fiscal impacts in each house, a lot of the policy committees are beginning to have hearings on study resolutions. While some may scoff at these study resolutions, many are very sincere efforts to take a longer and more deliberative review of complicated issues. I bring