Rod St. Aubyn: Rants About Robert Kelley, Aaron Knodel, And Miley Cyrus Naked With A Pig


I have noted several news stories in the past week that I wanted to write about, but none alone deserved a full story. So instead, I thought I would express my opinions in this week’s story that I have entitled “Rod’s Rant.” Feel free to disagree with my opinions.

Obama and the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare subsidies – The administration has chastised the Supreme Court concerning the upcoming decision. I find that this behavior is totally inappropriate just before a formal ruling. In addition, the administration stated in a news story that if the Court rules against the subsidies for the federal exchange, it is up to Congress to fix it. In general I would agree, but this administration has not taken that position in the past. Look at his threats of “I have a phone and a pen” and how he said that he has the authority as President to write Federal rules when Congress does not give him his way. Just look at Immigration Reform. And the Courts so far have ruled against him. It will take time for those decisions to reach the Supreme Court. But I truly hope that the Court continues to reinforce the Separation of Powers between the President and Congress.

Miley Cyrus poses nude with a pig – Another story that made the rounds was that Miley Cyrus had posed nude with a pig. First – unless the names are listed below the picture, how will the public know which is which? Second – this is the first time I would probably be on the side of the Humane Society. I feel sorry for the pig being forced to pose with Miley. And Third – what makes this story even news that the media chose to make it such a big story. It must have been a slow news day.

A new Chancellor and the retirement of UND’s President – UND President Robert Kelley announced his upcoming retirement. It was decided that the Interim Chancellor will leave the selection process for the new Chancellor, Mark Hagerott, who starts July 1. That was the correct decision. President Kelley has been besieged with controversy lately including the new nickname, a just-announced lawsuit by the former head of UND’s EERC center, a negative campus faculty survey and earlier student unrest. Many of my former co-workers at UND all complain that there have been way too many top administrators established during Kelley’s tenure at UND. How the new Chancellor addresses these issues through the new selection of a president at UND will be VERY telling, not only for UND, but also for the entire University System and the new Chancellor. I offer the new Chancellor my best wishes for success. It definitely will not be easy.

New York Times and Marco Rubio – Media bias became very transparent when the media decided that traffic citations for Marco Rubio and his wife was a big story. The media

goes on to talk about Rubio’s big fishing boat. This tells me one thing. The Clinton’s now think that Rubio is a clear threat to her campaign. How come the same attention isn’t placed on Hillary Clinton? For the longest time she wouldn’t even speak to the press. Then in a recent press report about Bill Clinton earning millions of dollars for paid speeches, he was asked if he would continue to give paid speeches if his wife won election in November, 2016. He replied, “No, I don’t think so.” I don’t think so? It is a simple question; either “Yes” or “No” would have been the right answer. Kind of reminds you of another quote from the previous Bill Clinton Grand Jury proceeding – It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” The press is not really interested in digging into Clinton’s “No, I don’t think so” statement about making millions from speeches, instead trying to make big news about minor traffic violations and a boat purchase. I guess there is NO media bias.

Aaron Knodel Trial A judge recently rejected the prosecution’s request to delay a retrial for a West Fargo teacher who was found not guilty on 3 felony counts of corruption of a minor, all linked to alleged sexual contact with the student. That was an excellent decision. A mistrial was declared on the final two charges because it was discovered that a hospitalized jury had not disclosed previously that she had been a victim of sexual abuse. It was reported that all jurors other than the hospitalized juror had voted “not guilty” on the remaining charges. In the meantime the former teacher will face additional legal fees for a possible second trial. The prosecution has a blank check from taxpayers to proceed with a second trial, while the defendant has no recourse. Why hasn’t that juror been held accountable or charged with a crime for not disclosing her past sexual abuse when asked? I don’t know if the teacher is guilty or not, but it just doesn’t seem fair that the State can impoverish the defendant due to the improper actions of a juror.