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North Dakota University Officials Beclown Themselves On Research Rankings

North Dakota University Officials Beclown Themselves On Research Rankings

In years past if you listened to officials at North Dakota’s universities long enough you’d hear them tout their research rankings from the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani, in particular, has been vociferous in describing his institution as a top-ranked center for research. On Bresciani’s official

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UND Can't Use "Fighting Hawks" Nickname Because Everybody Boos It

Maybe it would have been better if UND had just gone ahead without a nickname. Last year marked the end, finally, of the fight over the nickname at the University of North Dakota. The school had been operating without a nickname, but now-retired UND President Robert Kelley decided that not having a nickname wasn’t an

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Ed Schafer Is 100% Wrong About Open Records And Presidential Candidates

Given the North Dakota University System’s long history of repeated and egregious violations of our state’s open records and open meetings laws I think it’s safe to say that there’s a tradition there of wanting to avoid transparency. Which is why it’s such a terrible idea to make the hiring of new campus administrators less

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What NDSU Could Learn From UND: Don't Let A Bad President Fester

In January University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley will be stepping down, leaving behind him roughly a year on his current contract and an on-campus mess including a budget shortfall, low morale among faculty and staff, and a damaged relationship with students and alumni. Some Kelley defenders are quick to point to the “Fighting Sioux”

Dickinson State University Has Concerns About UND's New Nickname

Let’s face it. Nobody except the University of North Dakota’s most blinkered boosters, and perhaps the school’s chuckling rivals at North Dakota State, like the new “Fighting Hawks” nickname. An utterly unscientific but none the less illuminating online poll on the Grand Forks Herald website has, as of the time of publication, over 90 percent of

Former Governor Ed Schafer For Interim UND President?

UND President Robert Kelley is set to retire early next year, ducking out early on his contract with the state and leaving behind him an angry mess of dissatisfied students, disillusioned faculty, and alienated alumni. The question is, who will take Kelley place once he’s gone? The State Board of Higher Education is currently working

Third UND Employee Arrested For Sex-Related Crimes

Yikes: GRAND FORKS – A University of North Dakota police officer was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of possessing child pornography, UND Police Sgt. Danny Weigel confirmed. Paul Meagher, 42, was booked into the Grand Forks County jail at about 8 p.m. Tuesday, according to the jail log. Meagher was placed on administrative leave after

UND Says Third Nickname Vote May Be Needed After Their Attorney Argues Votes Are Meaningless

I’m beginning to think that it would be a stretch to say that University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley and his administration is qualified to run a corner lemonade stand, let alone the state’s second largest institute of higher education. At a recent court hearing over a lawsuit filed by alumni to stop the

Aggrieved UND Alumni Set Up Fundraising Effort For Nickname Legal Action

A couple of days ago I wrote about University of North Dakota alumnus William Brotherton, now a lawyer working out of Texas, saying that he was readying a lawsuit to block the school’s vote on a new nickname. Today Brotherton tells me that his group has formed an online fundraising effort, and that he’s now