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UND President Robert Kelley Owes Frat Brothers Accused Of Homophobic Beating An Apology

UND President Robert Kelley Owes Frat Brothers Accused Of Homophobic Beating An Apology

Back in August members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at the University of North Dakota were accused of stripping and beating an 18 year old man named Haakon Gisvold at one of their parties. The victim claimed the beating happened because he is gay. UND President Robert Kelley was quick to pounce. In a

Report Of Homophobic Beating At UND Fraternity Is Starting To Sound Like Bunk

University of North Dakota leaders, and some members of the media, may have egg on their faces after a rush to judgment in an alleged beating of a homosexual man at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity there. Because it’s sure starting to look like the alleged victim’s version of events isn’t standing up to scrutiny. Student

Former Bismarck Mayor Sends Letter To UND President Demanding "North Dakota" Be Added To Nickname Vote

The voting requirements and dates are set for the selection of a new nickname for the University of North Dakota, but a former mayor of Bismarck is saying UND President Robert Kelley still has time to make “North Dakota” an option. Kelley previously removed the “North Dakota” option, despite multiple polls showing it to be the

The UND President Doesn't Need Security Because Of Nickname Brouhaha

It is rare that I find myself agreeing with the angry, intemperate children responsible for the Fargo Forum‘s editorials, but today is one of those rare occasions. The Forum gives a “leafy spurge” to former Bismarck mayor Marlan “Hawk” Haakenson who is seeking to block some of the new nicknames the university is putting to a vote by registering

UND Students Feel University Should Have Disclosed Financial Relationship With "Independent" Investigator

Earlier this year, in two hugely contentious meetings which saw administrators launching rhetorical bombs at student leaders, the University of North Dakota student government considered a vote of no confidence in President Robert Kelley. They claimed that the university was considering a tuition hike well in excess of what the Legislature called for and were excluding

UND Student Leaders Blast President Kelley Reaction To Alleged Fraternity "Hate Crime"

A man who is not a University of North Dakota student claims to have been taunted and assaulted because of his sexual orientation at the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity near the UND campus. In response UND President Robert Kelley issued a campus wide email condemning the alleged incident, and treating it as though it were motivated by

Hockey Team Warns UND Over Using "Roughriders" Nickname

UPDATE: This post originally referred to the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders as a professional team. It’s not, the USHL is an amateur league. If you thought the dumpster fire that is President Robert Kelley’s nickname transition process at the University of North Dakota couldn’t possibly get any more convoluted and inane, think again. It seems there

UND President Robert Kelley Is Not An Honest Person

Today the Grand Forks Herald editorial board, which never fails to treat UND President Robert Kelley with kid gloves even when he richly deserves a rhetorical whack upside the head, calls for acceptance of the decision to keep the “North Dakota” nickname option of the list of options for voting later this year. “In his view,

Audio: Board Of Higher Education President Wants To Review UND Decision To Exclude "North Dakota" Nickname Choice

This morning news broke here on SAB regarding the voting process for establishing a new nickname for the University of North Dakota, and the big news out of that announcement is that UND President Robert Kelley decided to exclude the “North Dakota” or no nickname option from the vote. Shortly after I broke the news,

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"North Dakota" Will Not Be New Nickname Option For University Of North Dakota

UPDATE: State Board of Higher Education President Kathy Neset wants Kelley’s decision reviewed. Per the email below sent out this morning, the University of North Dakota has established the voting process by which a new nickname will be chosen. But the big news is that the university remaining simply “North Dakota” is absent from the list