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Democrats Shouldn’t Be So Cavalier About Their Voters Crossing Over for Republican Candidate

Democrats Shouldn’t Be So Cavalier About Their Voters Crossing Over for Republican Candidate

To be the leader of the North Dakota Democratic Party in 2016 is to be someone whose principal duty is to polish turds. Case in point Chairwoman Kylie Oversen acting nonchalant about Democrats crossing over to the Republican ticket in such large numbers in the Tuesday primary vote that she was one of several liberal

The Last Thing North Dakota's Opiates Problem Needs Is Partisan Opportunism From Democrats

Whenever we’re in an election year North Dakota’s Democrats come up with some crisis they think justifies a special legislative session. The objective is to manufacture a negative headline for Republicans while earning themselves some media coverage. In fact, it’s a stunt Democrats have already pulled once this cycle, back in March, but now they’re

Republicans Look To Take Out Democrat Leaders In Grand Forks

Democrats have said that they’re focused on beating back Republican majorities in the Legislature this cycle. But Republicans seem focused on the Legislature too, and some high-profile Democrats in Grand Forks may be in for a battle. I wrote about the legislative races in District 42 yesterday, but my post got a little messed up because

ND Democrats Announce Kroll’s as State Convention Site (Satire)

With only about a month and a half to go before their 2016 state convention, the North Dakota Democratic-Non Partisan League has announced the location of their Bismarck-based event will be the Kroll’s Diner on the corner of 19th/ Airport Road and Main Street/ Old Highway 10. Party Chair Kylie Oversen emphasized that attendees should

Chairwoman Of North Dakota Democrats In Danger Of Losing Her Legislative Seat? UPDATE: Maybe Not

UPDATE: There apparently was some confusion about whether Kreun was running for the House or Senate. The Grand Forks Herald initially reported House but have since changed their article to reflect that Kreun is running for the Senate. He’ll be challenging Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider there. So Schneider’s race, not Oversen’s, is the one which just

Maybe North Dakotans Just Don't Want What Democrats Are Selling

We are just one month and 23 days away from the Democrats’ statewide endorsing convention in Bismarck. Are are just 8 months and 29 days away from election day. Yet the Democrats have not a single statewide candidate even unofficially in a race. That’s bad, and the media has begun to take notice. Bismarck Tribune reporter

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Senator Heidi Heitkamp Raising Money For Sarah Vogel Campaign For Governor

I think we can safely assume that Democrat Sarah Vogel will be the gubernatorial candidate for the Democrats in 2016. Yesterday the liberals held a fundraiser for Vogel in Bismarck (attended by less than two dozen people, at least according to Facebook) and the headliner was the only Democrat to win an election on the

James Kerian: North Dakota Democrats Are Wandering In A Wilderness To The Left Of Relevance

The continued collapse of the Democrat party in North Dakota is getting to be such old news that it is easy to forget how remarkable it really is. After falling all over each other to proclaim the Republican legislature “extreme” and “out of touch” in 2013 the Democrats failed to make any real dent in