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Not A Single Democrat Speaks In Favor Of Anti-Free Speech Bill They Introduced

Not A Single Democrat Speaks In Favor Of Anti-Free Speech Bill They Introduced

North Dakota Demcorats, since they can’t seem to win enough elections to be all that relevant to governing the state, are fond of introducing stunt bills which they can then turn into talking points for the media. Case in point, HCR3050 which would seek to restrict the political activities of corporations. As I’ve mentioned previously,

Kylie Oversen Is New Chair For North Dakota Democrats

Today in a meeting in Jamestown, North Dakota Democrats picked a new leader for their party following the announced resignation of former Chairman Bob Valeu. They picked 25-year-old, first-term state Rep. Kylie Oversen. I’m told there was no other candidate. Warren Larson, a staffer for former U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan, was chosen as Vice Chairman.

Can We Stop Measuring Gender Wage Inequity So Stupidly?

Democrats and left-wing activists have been touting HB1257, which is supposedly equal pay legislation but really doesn’t change much of anything from existing law. In fact, HB1257 seems less about equal pay than about giving Rep. Kylie Oversen (D-Grand Forks) after-the-fact justification for that “woman of the year” award she won on dubious accomplishments. Today

Democrats Fight To Keep ND Gun Laws Complicated: "Bullets Don't Discriminate"

A bill introduced by Rep. Ben Koppelman (R-Fargo) to allow politicians to carry concealed in public buildings failed on a narrow margin earlier this morning, but another bill he introduced to simplify gun laws and expand carry rights had more success. Democrats weren’t too enthused with it, but it passed on a largely party-line vote

Election Day Criminal Complaint Filed By ND Democrats Results In No Charges

Democrats and left-wing activists making wild legal accusations before election day, which ultimately get rejected after election day, has become something of a tradition in North Dakota. During the 2012 election cycle it was a lawsuit, filed by a group of environmental activists and touted during their campaigns by Democrats on the statewide ballot like Pam

North Dakota Democrats Launch Sexist Attack Over Gender Pay Legislation

Last week a bill introduced by Rep. Kylie Oversen (D-Grand Forks) to address perceived gender pay discrimination was defeated on the floor of the House. Today North Dakota Democrats are trying to fundraise on the defeat of the bill with a sexist political attack on the committee which heard the bill. The missive takes aim

Democrats Won't Say If They've Requested Student Data For Political Purposes

We’re in the “red zone” for the election year, with early voting having commenced and election day just a few weeks away, and for some reason Democrats have decided to make an open records request by a Republican-aligned marketing firm for student data that is public record a really big issue. At issue is Odney Advertising head