Not A Single Democrat Speaks In Favor Of Anti-Free Speech Bill They Introduced


North Dakota Demcorats, since they can’t seem to win enough elections to be all that relevant to governing the state, are fond of introducing stunt bills which they can then turn into talking points for the media. Case in point, HCR3050 which would seek to restrict the political activities of corporations.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the legislation is really a full-on attack on the free speech of people who have organized themselves into businesses. It would have prohibited any political activities – including local businesses speaking out to city councils or county commissions about things like zoning or tax policy – by corporations.

In fact, the legislation is so sweeping, I’m not sure even a media company like a newspaper or a radio station could take an editorial stance on an issue or candidate without running afoul of it.

Put shortly, it was absurd legislation that was a waste of time to even consider. Which is probably why no Democrats stood to speak in favor of it it today (other than Rep. Kylie Oversen who didn’t speak to the merits of the bill but only demanded a longer introduction to the bill from the bill carrier).

It was defeated on an 18-70 vote.