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Senator Heitkamp Joins Other Democrats in Attack on Private Donations to Political Causes

Senator Heitkamp Joins Other Democrats in Attack on Private Donations to Political Causes

News is that Senator Heidi Heitkamp is joining with Montana Senator Jon Tester to support the Sunlight for Unaccountable Nonprofits (SUN) Act. This legislation, if passed, would force political nonprofits to disclose any donors who¬†make tax-exempt contributions over the amount of $5,000. According to Senator Heitkamp, people shouldn’t just get to run around spending their

Maybe Money Can't Buy Elections

A rallying cry of the left in recent years has been the denunciation of money in politics. Particularly after the Supreme Court’s decision in¬†Citizens United vs. FEC which found that political spending is 1st amendment protected free speech. The right decision, I think. Why shouldn’t we be able to spend our money promoting the ideas

Not A Single Democrat Speaks In Favor Of Anti-Free Speech Bill They Introduced

North Dakota Demcorats, since they can’t seem to win enough elections to be all that relevant to governing the state, are fond of introducing stunt bills which they can then turn into talking points for the media. Case in point, HCR3050 which would seek to restrict the political activities of corporations. As I’ve mentioned previously,

IRS Employees: Targeting Conservatives Was Specific Policy Handed Down By Supervisors

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) will begin hearings this week focusing on the corruption at the IRS, and in advance of those hearings he’s released some statements from the depositions taken from IRS employees. Per the depositions, the targeting of conservatives wasn’t exactly something a few IRS employees took it upon themselves to do in the

Could The Supreme Court Strike Down Limits On Federal Campaign Contributions?

In the controversial Citizens United vs. FEC ruling, the Supreme Court struck down restrictions on corporate political spending, holding that political spending is a form of free speech. Now another case will come before the court challenging federal limits on giving political contributions. Note that the restriction in question isn’t the per-candidate limit, the but

North Dakota Democrats Introduce Raft Of Ethics Reforms Both Good And Bad

Last year the Fargo Forum took a bribe from the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity to help produce a study claiming North Dakota was one of the states in the nation most at-risk for corruption. How much did the Forum take? They’re not telling, but this ridiculous study also managed to conclude that the

ND Dems Put Their Crosshairs On Free Speech In Upcoming Session

In response to Governor Jack Dalrymple’s State of the State speech today (posts about that here and here), North Dakota Democrats have released their own list of priorities. For the most part, they’re really not all that different from Governor Dalrymple’s priorities, though they do a good job getting some nice, partisan jabs in for