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Stop Rewarding Politicians for Just Winning Elections

Stop Rewarding Politicians for Just Winning Elections

The North Dakota Women’s Network has announced their “woman of the year” award recipient. It’s state Rep. Ruth Buffalo, who is just months into her tenure in elected office and completed a legislative session in which her accomplishments were, if we’re being generous, quite modest. But the left in North Dakota – which very much

Kylie Oversen, Tim Hoye Vying for Chair of North Dakota Democratic Party

According to multiple sources, attorney Kylie Oversen is throwing her hat in to lead the North Dakota Democratic Party. Again. Oversen was chair of the party previously from 2015 to 2018, stepping down in the middle of election season last year to focus on her unsuccessful bid for Tax Commissioner. She hasn’t had a lot

Oversen Rips Opponent for DUI Then Sends Out Mailer Promoting Fellow Democrat With Multiple Alcohol Convictions

Kylie Oversen, candidate for Tax Commission and erstwhile chair of the North Dakota Democratic Party, has made a lot of hay on the campaign trail over her opponent’s struggles with alcohol. She’s run two ads attacking incumbent Republican Ryan Rauschenberger’s arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol last year. Here’s the first one, which

Podcast: Democrat Tax Commissioner Candidate Kylie Oversen Talks Campaign Ad Targeting Opponent’s DUI Arrest

Kylie Oversen, Democratic candidate for Tax Commissioner, joined me on the radio to talk about her campaign as well as in which she uses video of her opponent, incumbent Republican Ryan Rauschenberger, getting arrested for DUI last year. Oversen told me her ad was inspired by my own criticism for Rauschenberger. She also disputed claims

Democratic Tax Commissioner Candidate Uses Video From Incumbent’s DUI Arrest in Campaign Ad

From the “what have you got to lose” department, long-shot Tax Commissioner candidate (and erstwhile chair of the North Dakota Democratic Party) Kylie Oversen has a new video ad out in which she uses video of incumbent Republican Ryan Rauschenberger’s DUI arrest to accuse him of lying. Oversen, who lost her legislative seat in the

North Dakotans Projected to Receive $34 Million in Bonus Tax Relief Thanks to the Trump Tax Cuts

“Tax reform projected to decrease North Dakota revenue,” reads a headline from Bismarck Tribune reporter Amy Dalrymple. That’s one way to look at it, I suppose. Of course, from the perspective of the taxpayer, it means more money in our pockets. Not only are North Dakotans benefiting more from the Trump tax cuts (the ones

Republican Lawmaker Alleges Political Discrimination at the University of North Dakota

Until the end of January Emily O’Brien, a first-term lawmaker from District 42 in Grand Forks, worked at the University of North Dakota’s Center for Innovation. She left the gig, she says, because of unprofessional conduct from her superiors including political hostility from Provost Thomas DiLorenzo: Before she was elected to the North Dakota House

With Statewide Races in Disarray Leader of North Dakota Democratic Party Steps Down

North Dakota Democrats got some tough polling news earlier this week. According to numbers from Mason-Dixon, a well respected national polling organization, they’re currently behind in every single statewide race. Including the hotly contested U.S. Senate race where incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp trails Congressman Kevin Cramer by four points. Today party chairwoman Kylie Oversen, who

North Dakota Oil Tax Revenues Surge, Democratic Talking Points About Tax Cuts for “Big Oil” Hardest Hit

To hear our friends on the left side of North Dakota politics tell it, back during the 2015 legislative session the Republican majority (with help from a couple of Democratic votes) passed tax cuts for “big oil.” According to them, these tax cuts have contributed to the state’s budget situation. “We’ve been cutting our revenue

North Dakota Democrats Only Hate Out of State Political Contributions When They’re Made to Republicans

I have been consistently critical of Senator Heidi Heitkamp for collecting well over 90 percent of her itemized, individual contributions from out of state. I mean, the Senator reported in her year-end report to the FEC for 2017 that she received three times more contributions from New Yorkers than she did from North Dakotans. According