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Are North Dakota Democrats Getting Cozy With Gun Confiscation?

Are North Dakota Democrats Getting Cozy With Gun Confiscation?

North Dakota’s top elected Democrat, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, has been testy with reporters lately when asked about gun control. The reason is obvious. Heitkamp’s fellow liberals want gun control, up to and including gun confiscation (more on that in a moment), very badly. But Heitkamp knows that in order to keep her office, which she

North Dakota Democrats Caught Being Big, Giant Hypocrites About Public Data

Over at Watchdog today I write about something a reader tipped me off to. He noticed that his North Dakota bow hunting license was addressed to him with the same typo in his name as a Pheasants Forever mailing. It turns out, when you purchase a hunting or fishing license in the state, your personal

North Dakota Democrats Bringing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz To Fargo For Fundraiser

There’s no question that North Dakota Democrats are pretty down in the mouth about their chances in 2016. Senator Heidi Heitkamp declined to roll the dice and run for governor, probably concluding that she couldn’t win. This morning George Sinner, the party’s U.S. House candidate in 2014, floated the idea that the Dems might not

Democrat Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen Is No "Sensible Centrist"

It seems there’s an effort afoot to rebrand new North Dakota Democrat Chairwoman Kylie Oversen, who is also a state lawmaker from Grand Forks, into a moderate. Indeed, theĀ Fargo Forum editorial board did as much today giving Oversen “prairie roses” for her election as chair, describing her as a “hard-working, sensible centrist.” That’s laughable, and

Can North Dakota Democrats Win By Focusing On The Legislature?

Earlier this year I had a conversation with one of my Democrat friends, and he told me his party’s focus in the 2016 election cycle was going to be the Legislature. The newly-elected chairwoman of the North Dakota Democrats, state Rep. Kylie Oversen, also said recently in a Forum Communications profile that she intends to

North Dakota Democrats More Interested In Making Points Than Laws

In my newspaper column a couple of weeks ago I opined that North Dakota Democrats seemed less interested in advancing their agenda in the state Legislature than they are in crafting political talking points. An excerpt: Democrats often gripe about the “Republican supermajority” in North Dakota, but here’s some truth about that talking point: Being