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James Kerian: District 10 GOP Leadership Should Be Emulated

James Kerian: District 10 GOP Leadership Should Be Emulated

District 10 (in the most northeast part of North Dakota) had its Republican endorsing convention in Park River on Saturday, February 20th.  There, in a four-way race, Janne Myrdal won the endorsement of the District 10 Republicans for the ND Senate with 207 out of the 364 ballots cast.  That’s right, there were 364 voters at a

Hundreds Of Activists Pack Republican District Conventions Across North Dakota

In his column today Mike Jacobs alludes to some interesting outcomes for Republican legislative races in three districts across the state: In District 28, William Kretschmar—a long-serving member of the North Dakota House—was defeated. He’s regarded as too tolerant on social issues. Likewise in District 36, Alan Fehr lost to a candidate who presented himself

Senator Joe Miller Stepping Down May Set Up Nomination Fight In District 10

Republican tate Senator Joe Miller of Park River, who represents District 10 in the northeast part of the state, announced that he won’t be seeking re-election in 2016. Miller has served in the Senate since first getting elected to public office in 2008. You can read this press release below. What’s interesting is that the

Janne Myrdal: UND Professors Views On Measure 1 "Insulting And Preposterous"

Assistant UND Law Professor Steven Morrison had two articles published in August in the Grand Forks Herald making his views known regarding Measure 1, the Human Life Amendment. We sent in several letters to refute his claims, that went unpublished. His missive on August 18th deserves a particular response. He falsely accuses distinguished constitutional lawyer

Fargo Forum Won't Print List Of Businesses Donating To Abortion Rally

The Fargo Forum picked up on a SAB guest post from Concerned Women for America director Janne Myrdal concerning a fundraiser for North Dakota’s only abortion clinic was sponsored, according to the organizers, by a number of Fargo-area businesses. The angle Forum reporter Patrick Springer chose for his piece suggests that the boycott Myrdal and

Hennen's Notebook: Higher Ed, Planned Parenthood And Water Wars

I interviewed NDSU President Dean Bresciani, UND President Robert Kelley and NDUS Chancellor Ham Shirvani this week. My top takeaway is amazement at the near “kumbya” they are all singing on budget issues. Governor Dalrymple has proposed a budget very near what the universities sought. What a difference 2 years makes, and a boatload of