Janne Myrdal: Measure 1 Is Common Sense Protection For North Dakotans


We have a huge opportunity this fall to take a stand for women and unborn children, and stop out-of state special interest groups from interfering with our way of life.

By voting Yes on Measure 1, we can protect our common sense pro-life laws that were passed by our legislators. These laws reflect our values—and it’s because of those values that North Dakota is one of the best states in the country to live in!

Let me talk today about the importance of just one of these laws – requiring parental notification before a minor child can have an abortion. Imagine yourself being a teenaged girl who finds out that she is pregnant. Her boyfriend insists that she have an abortion, preferably in secret. He demands it. She is frightened and confused. She knows that she is not ready to have a baby, and the boyfriend makes it clear that he will have none of it. She thinks about the impact of pregnancy on her future career and education plans. She feels overwhelmed. It seems that everywhere she turns she hears that having an abortion is the best choice.

It is precisely for these reasons that we have a common sense law that makes sure that before an abortionist or a demanding boyfriend can force a vulnerable teenager into have an abortion that could damage her health (physical and mental) for the rest of her life, that her parents must be given the opportunity to know about her condition. The child deserves to have the input and support of her parents while she is going through this extremely trying time. Perhaps they could offset the influence of an abusive, demanding boyfriend who is more worried about having to pay child support than what is best for the young woman. They could discuss adoption alternatives. They could review what community services are available. Ultimately, they would be able to counsel, guide and help a frightened young woman to fully assess her options. If this isn’t common sense than I don’t know what is!

But the sad fact is, out-of-state abortion groups led by Planned Parenthood, are bound and determined to force their radical views on us by pushing for abortion on demand, in every circumstance throughout our state. They couldn’t care less about a frightened young woman who is being pressured by an abusive boyfriend to have an abortion because their livelihood depends on abortions like these. They are expected to spend millions of blood-stained dollars to defeat Measure 1 and see North Dakota as the centerpiece for imposing their extreme agenda around the country.

Let me be clear. They have already won a court case in Fargo granting them an unlimited right to abortion. One of our laws was invalidated as a result, and you can be certain that they will systematically challenge every pro-life law we have on the books if Measure 1 is not adopted.

The passage of Measure 1 would ensure that the North Dakota constitution does not contain a right to abortion. It will strengthen the legal framework for our pro-life laws like parental notification to be upheld, and it will encourage our lawmakers to enact additional pro-life protections.

On the other hand, the defeat of Measure 1 would be devastating.

It will put in jeopardy every pro-life law on the books in our state, and will make it extremely difficult for any additional measures to be enacted.

In closing, we must pass Measure 1 to protect our common sense pro-life laws that we already have on the books and to stop out-of state groups like Planned Parenthood from coming in to North Dakota and telling us how to live.

We know what’s best for us and need to Vote Yes on 1 to stop these elitists from New York, California, and Washington DC from coming in to our state and forcing their extreme views on us.