Janne Myrdal: UND Professors Views On Measure 1 "Insulting And Preposterous"


Assistant UND Law Professor Steven Morrison had two articles published in August in the Grand Forks Herald making his views known regarding Measure 1, the Human Life Amendment. We sent in several letters to refute his claims, that went unpublished.

His missive on August 18th deserves a particular response. He falsely accuses distinguished constitutional lawyer Ron Fischer of launching an ad hominem attack against him, one that could even endanger his safety.

Morrison’s contention that those who criticize his views about Measure 1 could somehow trigger a violent response is insulting and preposterous. He impugns the integrity of every North Dakotan by suggesting that people of good will who care passionately about life could be stirred to violence against him.

Mr. Morrison’s claims that passage of Measure 1 will impact the use of advance directives and end-of-life care are incorrect for several reasons.

North Dakota law clearly states that every competent adult has the right and responsibility to make the decisions relating to the adult’s own health care, including the decision to have health care provided, withheld, or withdrawn.

The law authorizes the use of “health care directives” that either give health care instructions, appoint someone to make those decisions for the patient, or both.

Measure 1 does not repeal any existing statutes. It merely states: “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” It does not mention, much less repeal, any existing statutes.

Moreover, there is a difference between intentionally and knowingly killing a human being and actions – such as withdrawal of treatment or providing pain relief – that have their as their object something other than killing.

North Dakotans should get to know Mr. Morrison a little better since the opponents of Measure 1 are relying on him as their legal analyst and one of their main spokespeople against Measure 1, the Human Life Amendment.

Morrison is only six years out of law school and is not even a licensed attorney in North Dakota. He is an ultra-liberal east-coast educated lawyer whose work includes a stint with the ACLU, defending terrorists, and advising radical secularists. He even opposes tough sex-offender registration laws because “they rest upon a conservative-Christian” desire to “repress alternate sexualities.” Morrison has argued to uphold a judge’s decision in North Dakota creating a practically unlimited right to abortion. That’s exactly why Measure 1 is needed – to stop the abortion industry and Stephen Morrison from using our courts to seek an unlimited right to abortion. Mr. Morrison’s work in support of terrorists and abortion, and against sexual predator laws and religious freedom tells you all you need to know about the credibility of those opposing Measure 1.