SAB's Top Posts From The Last Week, Open Thread


Here are SAB’s top posts from the week that was.

Joel Heitkamp/KFGO “Expansion” Plans Not Exactly Popular With Fargo Sports Fans – Liberal talk radio host Joel Heitkamp caused quite a stir this week when he tried to spin his impending loss of western radio affiliates KFYR and KCJB by announcing an “expansion” plan…to a second radio station in the Fargo market. That plan lasted exactly a day after fans of that station’s current sports programming revolted, and it turned out that Heitkamp hadn’t actually consulted existing programming contracts.

North Dakota Oil Counties Got Greedy, Now They’re Paying For It – There’s a bit of a food fight in the state legislature over oil impact funding for western North Dakota counties. Some legislators want to be careful with state appropriations to the west, especially given some of the strange spending priorities of local elected leaders. But others want to cast caution as an unwillingness to help the west at all.

Heidi Heitkamp’s Post-Election Embrace Of Gay Marriage An Act Of Cowardice – Heidi Heitkamp wouldn’t talk about gay marriage during the election, but now well after election day and the better part of a decade away from her next election day, suddenly Heitkamp is talking about it. This libertarian thinks Heitkamp reached the right decision, but any good will from that decision is undermined by the calculating way she arrived at it.

The State Of North Dakota Is Drinking This Guy’s Milkshake – There is a land battle brewing for mineral rights along the state’s rivers. The State of North Dakota, already awash in revenues from the oil boom, wants to maximize their royalties by claiming the rights to more land up to the traditional high water mark. Private property owners, of course, believe those rights belong to them. Should the state really be fighting private citizens this way?

MSNBC Personality: “We Have To Break Through Our Idea…That Kids Belong To Their Parents” – Melissa Harris-Perry caused quite a stir when, in a promo for MSNBC, she said that we need to get past the idea that kids belong to their parents, saying instead that kids belong to their communities. The problem with her thinking, of course, is that when everybody is responsible for something nobody is responsible.