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Case From Minnesota May Force the Supreme Court to Decide How Far Our Right to Say “No” Really Goes

“No” may, from the perspective of individual liberty, be the most important word in the English language. Encapsulated in that word is our freedom. There are some things in our society we cannot say no to. We must pay taxes, or face the consequences. We must obey the laws our political process creates, from traffic

Judge Mark Kennedy on His Competence as a Leader Not His Politics

A decision by the University of Colorado to make current University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy their president has proved controversial. But not because Kennedy has been a poor communicator, and a poor leader, here in North Dakota. Most of the rancor seems focused on Kennedy’s politics, per this report in the Denver Post.

Audio: Burgum Opposes Limits on Bonuses, Says Votes for Same Sex Marriage Bill Showed “Courage”

I had Governor Doug Burgum on my radio show today, and we hit on a number of topics including reports that some state lawmakers were upset that he sometimes wears jeans. I asked Burgum if he had dressed up for our interview. He said he was going to wear a clown outfit but couldn’t find

Video: North Dakota Senate Votes Down Changes to State Law to Reflect Legality of Gay Marriage

Love it or hate it, same sex marriage is legal now in all fifty states thanks to a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court. But today when the North Dakota State Senate attempted to pass SB2043, modifying state law to reflect that lawful marriage in our state is no longer just between a man and

Bill Would Change North Dakota’s Laws to Reflect the New Reality of Legal Homosexual Marriage

In 2004 a constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Dakota as one man and one woman passed on the statewide ballot with 73 percent of the vote. That definition of marriage is reflected in a lot of places in the state code which refers to husbands and wives. But in 2017 we are living in

Why North Dakota's Corporate Farming Ban Is Like A Gay Marriage Ban

Last week the North Dakota Farm Bureau announced that they would be filing a legal challenge to our state’s ban on non-familial corporate farming (currently corporations and LLC’s can organize to farm or ranch, but only if all involved are no more distantly related than first cousins). The announcement comes shortly before a June 14

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In North Dakota A Tectonic Political Shift On Gay Marriage

Something pretty interesting happened last week. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, candidate for the NDGOP nomination to run for governor, declared publicly that he supports legal gay marriage. If you didn’t catch the news I’m not surprised. He made the comments during an appearance on a radio show with declining ratings and little news value, but

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Activists Tried To Put The Screws To North Dakota Taxpayers After Gay Marriage Ruling

Lambda Legal and the Faegre Baker Daniels law firm, which filed lawsuits challenging bans on gay marriage in several states including North Dakota, demanded that their legal fees be paid by those states after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage earlier this year. Today a federal judge agreed to award some legal fees, but reduced