SAB On Television: Democrat Operative Attempts To Explain "War On Women" Rhetoric


Last night I was on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View show with Chris Berg opposite Democrat party spokeswoman Rania Batrice. We covered a number of issues, including proposals in Grand Forks and Fargo to outlaw housing/employment discrimination against gays and the North Dakota Democrat Party’s “war on women” rhetoric.

The segment was a little awkward for me as my home studio had to be moved this last week due to basement flooding (it can stop raining any time), and my audio rig was on the fritz. So I had to do audio via telephone. Not great, but we got through it.

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

Particularly amusing was when Batrice got caught on the housing/employment discrimination issue. After I pointed out that actual complaints about discrimination are almost non-existent even in Minnesota, which has far more people than North Dakota and much larger homosexual community, she suggested that even one case of discrimination was enough to justify the policy.

To which Berg replied, “So you’re for voter ID laws then?” Batrice blustered a bit, and then said voter fraud in North Dakota is “non-existent.” Except, I’m not sure how we can say that’s true. Seven months after election day, after the legislators chosen on election day had already completed a legislative session, election officials discovered that one North Dakota county had hundreds more votes than voters. What’s more, there were actually nine cases of voter fraud stemming from the 2012 election, and during debate in the legislature over new voter ID laws it was revealed that thousands of ballots had been cast and counted in the last election based on residency affidavits that couldn’t be verified (video at the link).

Batrice says voter ID laws are about “vote suppression” because no vote fraud exists. Except, some vote fraud exists, and a whole lot more might be found to exist if we actually started looking.

But the best part of the segment was when Batrice was addressing the “war on women” rhetoric. Berg asked her about a Democrat press release which called Cramer “anti-woman,” and Batrice brought up Cramer’s incident at the Spirit Lake Reservation. When I pointed out that maybe it was ok for Rep. Cramer to feel some anger an outrage at a group of people who are letting kids get raped (this is the same reservation where a television news crew investigating a child’s death was attacked last night), Batrice said the problem is “people like Rob Port” and “people like the Republican party” who “always want to make it about agreeing or disagreeing.”

That from the spokeswoman for a party which believes you either side with them on their policies, or you’re racist. Or you hate women. Or you hate poor people.