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Feminists Upset About Comic Book Cover Showing The Joker Threatening Bat Girl

Feminists Upset About Comic Book Cover Showing The Joker Threatening Bat Girl

I’m not much of a fan of comic books – I was more into Zelda and Robert Heinlein when I was a kid, but my daughter has expressed an interest in them so I’ve been exploring them with her – and I generally don’t write here on SAB about issue not specifically related to North

Can We Stop Measuring Gender Wage Inequity So Stupidly?

Democrats and left-wing activists have been touting HB1257, which is supposedly equal pay legislation but really doesn’t change much of anything from existing law. In fact, HB1257 seems less about equal pay than about giving Rep. Kylie Oversen (D-Grand Forks) after-the-fact justification for that “woman of the year” award she won on dubious accomplishments. Today

Mike Huckabee And The Soft Misogyny Of Low Expectations

Comments from former Governor and erstwhile presidential candidate Mike Huckabee set the left on fire yesterday. Huckabee suggested that the left believes women “cannot control their libido.” White House spokesman Jay Carney was quick to condemn the comments as “offensive to women.” Because that’s how the left defines anything that challenges liberal orthodoxy on feminine

From the Left: Conscience of a Pro-Life Democrat

I have a confession to make that may disappoint many of you. I am a lifelong Democrat, I have been active in the Dem-NPL party in my home state of North Dakota, I am the token “Liberal” here on the Say Anything Blog, and I am pro-life. I have not always been so. I was

A Father's Day Lament

Father’s Day isn’t quite the same as mother’s day. Every year statistics, well-worn but still true, are cited to prove it. There are more collect calls on Father’s Day than any other day of the year. About 140 million moms receive cards for Mother’s Day, compared to just 90 million dads getting Father’s Day cards.

SAB On Television: Democrat Operative Attempts To Explain "War On Women" Rhetoric

Last night I was on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View show with Chris Berg opposite Democrat party spokeswoman Rania Batrice. We covered a number of issues, including proposals in Grand Forks and Fargo to outlaw housing/employment discrimination against gays and the North Dakota Democrat Party’s “war on women” rhetoric. The segment was a

Despite Wages Growing Faster For Women Than Men, North Dakota Dems Touting "War On Women"

It seems that North Dakota Democrats want to bolt national liberal talking points about the “war on women” onto local politics here in North Dakota. Case in point, this recent press release accusing Rep. Kevin Cramer of an “extreme, anti-woman ideology.” “It is just as wrong today as it was in 1963 for women to