Mike Huckabee And The Soft Misogyny Of Low Expectations


Comments from former Governor and erstwhile presidential candidate Mike Huckabee set the left on fire yesterday. Huckabee suggested that the left believes women “cannot control their libido.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney was quick to condemn the comments as “offensive to women.” Because that’s how the left defines anything that challenges liberal orthodoxy on feminine issue.

Mike Huckabee – the bible-thumping, southern-fried populist – isn’t one of my favorite people, and I’m not sure that the left’s position on issues like birth control has anything to do with libido, but I think Huckabee’s larger point is a solid one. What does it say about the left’s opinion of women that they categorize opposition to laws mandating free contraception for women as denying women that contraception.

As if women were incapable of buying something as relatively cheap, and readily available, as birth control? Are women helpless victims incapable of self-sufficiency without a handout from the state?

The left thinks so. If we’re going to do anything with regard to birth control, we should make it an over-the-counter medication rather than something that must be prescribed by a physician.

Really, the “war on women” is just a political campaign to a) convince women that they’re victims, and b) exploit those feelings of victimhood for political gain. Which is a tactic practiced on racial minorities too.

That’s unfortunate, and it demeans women in that it suggests they aren’t as capable of men of being prosperous and self-sufficient.