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Williston's Ban On Food Trucks Is Doing More Harm Than Good

Williston's Ban On Food Trucks Is Doing More Harm Than Good

It seems to this observer that local leadership in the Williston area, central to North Dakota’s oil patch, has a bias against certain types of businesses. Specifically mobile, temporary businesses. Last week I wrote about Williams County cracking down on so-called “man camps” which are dormitories run by private businesses giving oil workers somewhere to

Local Officials In Williston Are About To Make The Housing Shortage A Lot Worse

There’s no question that housing shortages are a big issue in North Dakota. Booming population growth, uncertain capital, and a weather-constrained construction season have created a situation where demand for a place to live is seriously outstripping supply. Thus the (somewhat exaggerated) national stories about apartments in the state’s oil patch costing as much as

Williston City Leaders Should Blame Themselves For High Rents

“City looking for answers” That’s the headline from the Williston Herald over an article documenting protests over high rents and local city leaders asking the state for solutions, including asking for an opinion from Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem on whether or not rent control policies would be legal. Yes, rent control. The rent control push

Is The Bakken Housing Boom A Bubble, Or A Good Long-Term Investment?

For a while now I’ve been wondering if we have a housing bubble in North Dakota. I definitely think we’ve got a bubble of hotel rooms. In Minot, and points further west into the Bakken boom area, there are hundreds of new hotel rooms, but occupancy rates are beginning to fall and where just a

Study: Federal Regulations Have Made America 72% Poorer

Government up to a certain point can be a boon to an economy. Laws that protect our rights, and provide a legal process for settling disputes, allow for a stable environment in which commerce can flourish. Beyond a certain point, government is a burden. And a new study from economists John Dawson at Appalachian State

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City Official: New Protections For Homosexuals Will Make Little Difference

Despite the attention the issue gets, there’s little actual data to suggest that there’s any real problem with housing or employment discrimination against homosexuals. On the issue of housing discrimination specifically, I spoke with then-Labor Commissioner Tony Weiler back in April who told me that complaints over discrimination against homosexuals were not only minimal in