Respondents To Dickinson State University Survey Ask Questions University Officials Don't Want To Answer


In a blatant bit of holiday news dumping, the officials at Dickinson State University gave up on a fight to keep a section of a recent campus quality survey dedicated to written comments hidden from the public. Previously only a redacted copy was given to the media as university officials hid behind their lawyers, but now the full report has finally been made public.

You can read parts 1 – 4 of the survey here, here, here and here, but it was section 5 of the survey that was the most controversial in that it contained less-than-flattering comments about many of the university’s officials.

You can read all of the comments below, but let summarize by noting a specific theme. There is concern among DSU administrators that the university is slipping back into the “bad old days” under previous university President Richard McCallum. And that might be understandable given that another oft-mentioned concern is that many of the officials involved in the rampant diploma fraud at Dickinson State are still working at the university.

Frustration with that last is understandable. The DSU scandal saw fraudulent students getting fraudulent diplomas based on fraudulent grades. How is it that nobody has been charged criminally for that fraud? In this state you can be arrested for forging a signature on a check, or handing out fake currency, and handing out fake grades and diplomas doesn’t warrant criminal prosecution?

It’s a joke, and if North Dakota’s leaders (up to and including Governor Jack Dalrymple) had any integrity they’d be on their bully pulpits demanding action. Instead, it seems they all just want to sweep the problems under the rug and move on as quickly as possible.

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