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Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill Sounds Like A Great Idea To Me

Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill Sounds Like A Great Idea To Me

When news broke this morning of civil rights icon Harriet Tubman replacing former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill I got a lot of angry emails from SAB readers. Stuff along the lines of this being “political correctness run amok” etc., etc. I don’t understand the criticism. I like the change. Andrew Jackson, like

Arizona Senate Passes Law Recognizing Gold, Silver As Legal Tender

It’s yet to be signed by Governor Jan Brewer, but if it becomes law Utah would be the second state in the union to have one. Utah passed a similar law in 2011, and apparently Kansas and South Carolina are considering similar legislation. Arizona is returning to its gold rush roots with a bill that

Subprime Auto Loans Were Up 18% In 2012

Yesterday we got news that the Obama administration is pushing banks to make subprime home loans again. Today comes word that in 2012, subprime auto loans were up 18%: The Fed’s program, while aimed at bolstering the U.S. housing and labor markets, has also steered billions of dollars into riskier, more speculative corners of the

Bitcoin Value Soars As Europeans Seek Private-Sector Currency To Protect Their Wealth

Who would have thought, even a few years ago, that something like this would be happening? The cryptocurrency bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular. All bitcoins now in circulation (there are about 10.9 million of them) are now worth more than a billion dollars. The debt crisis in Cyprus is being cited as one of the

Shocker: Interest In Private Sector Currency Spiking In Southern Europe

In Cyprus, government officials desperate to shore-up bloated budgets have been working on ways to raid the bank deposits of their citizens. The most recent plan would have citizens with more than 100,000 euros in deposits take a 30% haircut. Not surprisingly, this has sparked bank runs and all manner of other chaos in Cyprus

End Of The World: Maker's Mark To Water Down Its Bourbon

Many moons ago, I alerted a select group of Interweb Tube users to the onset of stealth inflation via the decreasing size or quality of products offered at the same price.  There is a fancy-pants economic term for the this – hedonics – although I prefer less family-friendly terminology.  Today comes word of a classic

Are $10,000 Degrees The Answer To The Higher Education Bubble?

The cost of a degree has exploded over the last several decades, growing faster than even problem areas like the cost of medical care. Student loan debt, as a result, has also ballooned even as the value of a four-year degree has flat lined. Obviously, we’re doing something very wrong with the way we do

Paul Krugman: Obama Should Solve The Budget Deficit By Making A $1 Trillion Coin

Why reduce spending when you can just print more money? First of all, we have the weird and destructive institution of the debt ceiling; this lets Congress approve tax and spending bills that imply a large budget deficit — tax and spending bills the president is legally required to implement — and then lets Congress

Respondents To Dickinson State University Survey Ask Questions University Officials Don't Want To Answer

In a blatant bit of holiday news dumping, the officials at Dickinson State University gave up on a fight to keep a section of a recent campus quality survey dedicated to written comments hidden from the public. Previously only a redacted copy was given to the media as university officials hid behind their lawyers, but