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Trump to Sign Funding Ban for Universities Hosting Chinese Institute Once Touted at North Dakota Universities

Trump to Sign Funding Ban for Universities Hosting Chinese Institute Once Touted at North Dakota Universities

Back in 2010 the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education approved requests from Dickinson State University and North Dakota State to create Confucius Institutes on their campuses. In 2012 the folks at DSU, mired in a horrendous diploma mill scandal, announced they were ending the program. It doesn’t seem as though a similar program

Attempt to Whitewash Dickinson State’s Diploma Mill Scandal Is Despicable

Recently in his weekly political column my colleague Mike Jacobs described the political situation around funding for Dickinson State University like this: DSU faced an existential threat this session. The reasons are tied to a scheme that enrolled Chinese students and granted them degrees without requiring anything other than money from them. This is best

Bailout for Embattled Dickinson State University May Bog Down Efforts to End Legislative Session

Earlier today I wrote about some lawmakers in Bismarck expressing doubt that they can complete their legislative session on Tuesday. They already blew past their goal of being done on day 70 last week. Contributing to the delays in finishing up is a surprise Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner  dropped on his colleagues on Friday.

Is This North Dakota’s First National Anthem Protest?

Unless I’ve missed something, I believe this group of Dickinson State University football players who linked arms before their game this weekend is the first protest during the national anthem from athletes that North Dakota has seen. And to their credit, the players were respectful about it. More so, I think, thank 49’ers quarterback Colin

Dickinson State University Foundation Headed For Dissolution

During the 2015 legislative session one of the hot topics of discussion was whether or not North Dakota’s university foundations are accountable to the public. These foundations claim that they’re private and thus cannot be audited and do not have to abide by open records requests. To the latter point, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has

Higher Ed Board Approves Bailout Purchase For Dickinson State Foundation

The Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee (LAFRC) has voted for audits for the state’s university foundations, and it wasn’t even close. During its January 29 meeting, LAFRC voted 11-4 for the audits. The folks at the universities aren’t happy about it, including NDSU President Dean Bresciani who claims that the state doesn’t have the

Higher Ed Board To Consider Asking Legislature For DSU Foundation Bailout

The most recent chapter in the on-going feud between lawmakers and North Dakota’s university system has to do with university foundations. These organizations like to think of themselves as private entities separate from public universities they serve, but Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has ruled in legal opinions that they must adhere to open records laws,

Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley Defends Use Of Academic Grants For Athletic Scholarships

Last week I wrote a story about Challenge Fund grants being used for athletic scholarships. Today the Forum Communications has caught up to the story (with no hat tip for the guy who broke it, naturally). The Challenge Fund was set up by the Legislature during the 2013 session to provide matching public dollars for private

Grants Intended Exclusively For Academics Used For Athletic Scholarships

During the 2013 session of the Legislature the state created, with HB1204, what is called the Challenge Grants fund. That fund had a $29 million appropriation which would be used to match private donations to the state’s universities. For ever $2 in private dollars raised the universities get $1 in public dollars. The idea was