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Dickinson State Loses Grant Money Intended For Scholarships

Dickinson State Loses Grant Money Intended For Scholarships

I say that Dickinson State University is losing money for scholarships not because they’ll never get it – the folks on the North Dakota Challenge Fund Grant Review Committee say the money will be available when the DSU Foundation’s financial problems are ironed out – but because time marches on for the students who were to

The Problem With North Dakota's Universities Is They've Stopped Serving Students

While reading the latest article in the Dickinson Press’ excellent coverage of the Dickinson State University Foundation’s financial woes over the weekend this passage jumped out at me: The Press’ analysis of 12 years of federal financial reports suggests that somewhere around June 2005 the Foundation ceased to operate as a non-profit primarily focused on providing scholarships

As Usual Taxpayers Will Have To Bailout Supposedly "Independent" University Foundation

The Dickinson Press today continues their excellent in-depth coverage of the Dickinson State University Foundation scandal, including this starting revelation of just how large an impact the foundation’s problems may have on Dickinson State University: The attorney general’s complaint alleges that the Foundation has not paid DSU for money that the university has already provided

Did The State Board Of Higher Education Break Open Meeting Laws?

According to records from the Attorney General’s office, the North Dakota University System has broken open records and open meetings laws no fewer than 17 times since 2010. According to the AG’s office in the next few days they’ll be issuing an opinion on my complaint over a meeting earlier this year in which they sent

Skogen Attempts To Minimize Dickinson State University Foundation Fiasco

There’s no question that the chaotic finances at the Dickinson State University Foundation – which features the apparently wrongful use of restricted funds which may well rise to the level of a crime – is a scandal. That’s the accurate word for it. But today at a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education

Attorney At Heart Of DSU Foundation Mess Was Spokesman Against Measure 3

It’s ironic that, shortly after voters rejected Measure 3 which was put on the ballot by a frustrated Legislature to address problems in higher education by restructuring the university system’s governance, the system once again finds itself embroiled in scandal. The Dickinson State University Foundation is in chaos, with finances so thoroughly screwed up that

Another Dark Chapter For North Dakota's University System

The Dickinson Press has an excellent op/ed about the financial scandal at the Dickinson State University Foundation. Two weeks ago, responding to an open records request I had put in for an arbitration ruling, DSU President D.C. Coston (seen earlier this year looking for an exit strategy in Wisconsin) sent a video message to campus staff

Attorney General Wants To Force Dickinson State University Foundation Into Receivership

Last week Dickinson State University President D.C. Coston sent out a YouTube video to faculty and staff distancing himself and the university from the DSU Foundation. It was in response to an open records request I’d filed with the ND University System office for an arbitration settlement awarding a contractor over $1.5 million. This is

Dickinson State President Distances University From Foundation After Arbitration Ruling

It didn’t take very long after voters shot down Measure 3, a constitutional amendment to reform the governance structure of the university system, that one of the state’s institutions has landed in hot water again. Earlier today I put in an open records request to the North Dakota University System for details about an arbitration

Problems Linger At North Dakota "Diploma Mill"

A couple of years ago Dickinson State University made national headlines after audits found that foreign students recruited by the university had been issued hundreds of phony diplomas based on phony grades. Also, it was determined that the university had been inflating enrollment numbers with students that didn’t even exist. Since then university officials have