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Attorney General Finds Dickinson State University Violated Open Records Law

Attorney General Finds Dickinson State University Violated Open Records Law

Another day, and another example of the North Dakota University System violating the public’s trust. This time it’s the Dickinson State University Foundation which denied a request for emails from Katherine Lymn, a reporter for the Dickinson Press. “Mr. Thompson denied the records request on November 22, 2013, on the grounds that the emails were

North Dakota Diploma Mill Sees Continued Decline In Enrollment

Dickinson State University, still recovering from a “diploma mill” scandal that saw the institution issuing hundreds of phony diplomas to foreign students (but hey, they kept their accreditation!), is claiming their enrollment numbers are “above historical averages,” according to the Dickinson Press. That’s some heavy duty spin. In reality, spring 2014 enrollment is actually down slightly

Accreditation Will Be The Stick Used To Beat Higher Ed Reform To Death

Yesterday the state House voted to concur with the Senate’s amendments to HCR3047 which replaces the state’s current governing structure for higher education – both the chancellor position and the board – with an appointed three-member higher education commission which must operate in accordance with statute set by the legislature. During the floor debate, Democrat

A Governor-Appointed Chancellor Can Lose Us Accreditation, But Not Hundreds Of Phony Degress?

At the Grand Forks Herald today, the editorial board engages in a bit of fear-mongering over proposed changes to how the state’s university system is governed. The Herald, apologists for the state’s universities and proponents of the university system (which gobbles up more than $1 billion of our tax dollars every biennium) being “independent” of

When Sports Journalism Is An Oxymoron

Earlier this week the University of North Dakota made national headlines when they suspended a play-by-play announcer, Paul Ralston, for telling the truth when the university’s basketball team pulled off a “choke job” (his words) at the end of a game. Now, it’s undeniable that the team choked. The fans knew it. The coach admitted

UND Suspends Play By Play Announcer For Being Too Critical

Here’s a shining example of the state of free speech in higher education today: GRAND FORKS – The University of North Dakota announced Monday that North Dakota men’s basketball announcer Paul Ralston has been suspended from his play-by-play duties for two games due to comments he made after Saturday’s game against Northern Arizona. … Ralston

Sad: North Dakota Senate Rubber Stamps Dalrymples Board Of Higher Ed Appointments

Yesterday the North Dakota state Senate considered, and approved, three appointments to the State Board of Higher Education by Governor Jack Dalrymple. That three nominees were being considered all at one time is, in and of itself, remarkable. It’s the result multiple members of the SBHE leaving their terms on the board early in the

The Lamest Argument You've Ever Heard For North Dakota's Constitutionally Protected Universities

One of the peculiarities of North Dakota’s system of universities is the fact that eight of the eleven campuses, and their locations, are mandated in the state constitution. Which means that no matter how poorly these universities might perform, no matter how few students actually attend them, they must exist per the law. On a

One Year Later, Where's The Justice For Dickinson State University?

On February 10th, 2012, the North Dakota State Auditor released a devastating report about diploma fraud at Dickinson State University. The audit found that some 584 fraudulent degrees were issued to foreign students, mostly from China. The students had also enjoyed relaxed admissions standards and even fake grades, all the while using their enrollment at

No More Second Chances For The North Dakota University System

In declaring the controversy over an office in the new North Dakota University System IT building over, the Grand Forks Herald’s editorial board hopes the NDUS “makes the most of its second chance.” Here’s a question: How many second chances are we going to give the university system? They got a second chance after ordering