North Dakota State University Teams Up With Planned Parenthood To Spend Obamacare Money On Sex Education


The State of North Dakota turned down a grant, made available through the Obamacare legislation, to fund sex education in North Dakota. But North Dakota State University, part of that fourth branch of government that is our university system, has accepted it. Now two NDSU professors are working with abortion mill giant Planned Parenthood to provide sex education classes.

Secor-Turner said the grant must be used to offer comprehensive sex education that also teaches adulthood preparation skills like healthy relationships, setting goals, adolescent development and making the right decisions.

The funding also requires a rigorously evaluated program with evidence to back up its effectiveness, which is why she said they partnered with the regional Planned Parenthood to offer a program that’s well-developed.

As the main grantees, the NDSU faculty members and two research assistants will be closely involved in the courses.

“We’re tailoring the programs that they already do, using some of their expertise, blending it with what we know to be the science of what makes great comprehensive sexuality education programs and creating a program tailored for this grant and for North Dakota,” she said.

There are a number of questions to ask here.

How is it that Planned Parenthood, and overtly political organization, is getting tax dollars funneled to it in this way?

How can North Dakota State University accept federal funds the State of North Dakota specifically turned down?

This is why the independence of North Dakota’s university system must be ended. Like Planned Parenthood or hate it, these sort of decisions should be made by elected officials, not university system bureaucrats.