Podcast: New U.S. House Candidate Kelly Armstrong Declines Opportunity to Criticize Opponents, Says He’s Going to “Stand on My Record”


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State Senator Kelly Armstrong joined me today to talk about the campaign for the U.S. House he launched this week.

“After Kevin and Kris decided to take the leap to the Senate…we needed to keep that strong voice in the House,” he told me of his decision, referring to House incumbent Kevin Cramer and his wife and their decision to get into the Senate race.

Armstrong saying that, though, implies that the other Republican House candidates – notably erstwhile Senate candidate Tom Campbell and newcomer Tiffany Abentroth – would not be strong candidates. I invited Armstrong to describe why they wouldn’t be, or couldn’t be, that strong voice but he declined to oblige.

“I’m going to stand on my record,” he told me.

Full audio is below:

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