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Of Course Ethics Investigations Should Be Secret

Of Course Ethics Investigations Should Be Secret

During the last election cycle a left-wing, Democrat-aligned group filed an ethics complaint against Republican candidate Tom Campbell because one of his campaign ads featured him standing in front of a truck with his business logo on it. The complaint was announced to the media by the left wing groups filing it. The complaint went

Democratic Gadfly With History of Wild Accusations Files Bogus Ethics Complaint Against Congressman Kevin Cramer

A consistent tactic North Dakota Democrats and their various allies like to use in election years is to charge their opponents with ethics violations, even going so far as to file lawsuits and complaints which are usually dismissed after election day. Because the point of these charges isn’t so much to uncover ethical lapses as

House Candidate Kelly Armstrong Clearly Has Some Work to Do in Reuniting Republicans

I wrote earlier this morning about the overall numbers from last night’s primary vote. There were no really competitive races on the statewide ballot, nor were there any statewide ballot measures, but one race did jump out at me with some interesting results. The race for the Republican U.S. House nomination featured four candidates: NDGOP-endorsed

Armstrong Raised Twice What Campbell Did First Quarter of 2018

After losing the House race endorsement to Kelly Armstrong at the NDGOP state convention earlier this month Tom Campbell, after initially flirting with a run to the June primary ballot, announced that he’d be folding his campaign (though his name will still be on the ballot because he did file petition signatures to be there).

Attorney General: Despite Withdrawal Campbell’s Name Will Still Appear on the Primary Ballot

Earlier today state Senator Tom Campbell announced that he was withdrawing from the U.S. House race despite having filed petitions to put his name on the June primary ballot the day before. Campbell’s name will still be on the June ballot, though. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has found no legal provision allowing Campbell to take

Podcast: Armstrong Talks About Campbell Dropping Out, Facebook Faces Questions From Congress

U.S. House candidate Kelly Armstrong talks about his opponent, fellow Republican Tom Campbell, dropping out of the House race. He also discusses the campaign against Democrat Mac Schneider and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announcing his retirement. Former Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth talks about the Facebook hearings in Congress. Here’s the full audio. If

Will House Candidate Kelly Armstrong Be Disadvantaged as a Western Lawmaker in a Statewide Race?

State Senator Kelly Armstrong put up a decisive victory at the NDGOP convention this weekend, winning the party’s endorsement on the first ballot despite the presence of five other candidates in the race. Including state Senator Tom Campbell who had been running a big-money marketing campaign for himself since August. The final vote was 847

Tom Campbell Campaign Gets Bailed Out by NDGOP Decision Allowing Paid for Delegates to Avoid Disclosure

Last night at a candidate forum put on by the Cass County United Republicans Committee state Senator Tom Campbell, a candidate for the U.S. House, claimed his campaign has paid for very few delegates to attend the NDGOP’s state convention. He also claimed that those delegates paid for were college students he intended to help

For What It’s Worth: Armstrong Wins College Republicans House Race Straw Poll, Campbell Comes in Third

Going into the NDGOP convention this weekend there will be a couple of contested nominations. Incumbent Secretary of State Al Jaeger is facing a challenge from Mandan businessman Will Gardner, but the more high profile competition will be for the U.S. House race. There are five candidates, but the two front runners are state Senator