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Campbell Campaign Manager: “We’re in Danger of Shutting Down Tom’s Campaign”

Campbell Campaign Manager: “We’re in Danger of Shutting Down Tom’s Campaign”

Tomorrow marks the end of the FEC’s reporting period for the upcoming April Quarterly report, and as you might expect the various federal campaigns in the state are carpet bombing supporters with donation requests in order to beef up their numbers ahead of the public disclosure. Some of the messaging from the Campbell campaign, however,

Campbell Campaign Won’t Say if They’re Paying for Delegates to Attend State Convention

The NDGOP convention next month is a little more high stakes than usual thanks to a contested race for the House endorsement. There are five candidates in that race, but two real front runners, state Senators Tom Campbell and Kelly Armstrong. The latter Senator has said on the record that he will abide by the

Campbell for Senate Radio Ads Still Running

Earlier this week a reader sent me a mailer he’d received from the Tom Campbell campaign which still had the state Senator running against Democratic incumbent Heidi Heitkamp for the U.S. Senate. The problem being that Campbell switched his Senate race into a House race weeks back when North Dakota’s current congressman, Kevin Cramer, announced

Whoops: House Candidate Tom Campbell’s Campaign Still Sending Out Mailers for the U.S. Senate Race

State Senator Tom Campbell has spent a lot of his own money on what was first a campaign for the U.S. Senate and then, once Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer announced his Senate campaign, a campaign for the U.S. House. The last public disclosure of campaign finances shows that Campbell given his own campaign, through the

Armstrong Camp Says They Raised $250k for House Campaign in Eight Days

The race for the NDGOP nomination for House of Representatives has become a crowded one. State Senator Kelly Armstrong, state Senator Tom Campbell, Marine veteran Tiffany Abentroth, Minot residents Paul Schaffner and DuWayne Hendrickson, as well as newcomer James Kapitan (a retired Air Force colonel from Fargo) are all vying for the nomination. Of those candidates,

Poll: Heitkamp and Cramer Neck and Neck in Senate Race, Campbell Leads Among Republicans in House Race

The folks at Gravis Marketing have released polling for North Dakota’s House and Senate races, the tax reform bill, the abortion issue, gay rights, and immigration. They shared the polling with me exclusively – Gravis President Doug Kaplan will join me on my radio show at 1pm today – but I’ll admit to never having

Poor Tom Campbell

I’d be lying to you folks if I didn’t admit that state Senator Tom Campbell’s campaign for federal office, started in August last year, has always had a tincture of vanity to it. A perception that isn’t entirely unfair given what we know of Campbell’s campaign finances to date. According to his latest filing with

Podcast: New U.S. House Candidate Kelly Armstrong Declines Opportunity to Criticize Opponents, Says He’s Going to “Stand on My Record”

The audio from today’s radio show is below. If you’d like to get it delivered to your devices daily, click here and subscribe to the podcast. State Senator Kelly Armstrong joined me today to talk about the campaign for the U.S. House he launched this week. “After Kevin and Kris decided to take the leap

After All the Announcements and Maneuvering, Here’s What North Dakota’s Federal Races Look Like This Morning

Congressman Kevin Cramer announced last week that he’s running for the U.S. Senate. That has set off a ripple of maneuvering across Republican political circles, and I thought I’d round up what everything looks like as of this morning. First, as I wrote over the weekend, we can expect current NDGOP Chairman, and Dickinson-area state

Expect NDGOP Chairman Kelly Armstrong to Be in the U.S. House Race Within a Week

Yesterday I wrote that NDGOP Chairman Kelly Armstrong was considering a run for the U.S. House now that Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer is in the Senate race. Today sources tell me that Armstrong, who is also a state Senator from Dickinson, has been making calls this weekend to line up his campaign. “He is saying